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    SEC SAAC Policy and Procedures

  • SEC SAAC Bylaws (PDF)
    Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (WM)


    Mission Statement:

    "The Southeastern Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which represents diverse views and backgrounds of student-athletes, was established in 1992 to serve as a medium of communication through which student-athletes, conference administrators, institutional representatives and coaches discuss and take action on issues relating to rules governance, student-athlete welfare and community service."


  • Southeastern Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee members must currently serve as members of their institution"s student-athlete advisory committee with the recommendation that they be officers (e.g., president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer) of their institutional student-athlete advisory committee. Two representatives from each SEC member institution shall serve as members of the SEC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. To enhance the continuity of the SEC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, institutions are encouraged to designate an underclassman as one of the representatives to the SEC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

  • Members must have been enrolled at a Southeastern Conference institution for one year, must be in their second through fifth years of enrollment, and must have athletics eligibility remaining.

  • Members must be full-time students in accordance with National Collegiate Athletic Association and Southeastern Conference rules and listed on the team roster.

  • Members are encouraged to serve multiple years.

  • If a representative is unable to attend a meeting or participate in a conference call, the institution may designate a substitute representative for the meeting or conference call.


  • There shall be two meetings annually (one in the fall and one in the spring).

  • All meetings will be held at the Southeastern Conference headquarters.

  • Members will be provided with meeting information by the Southeastern Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee liaison (or his/her designee).

  • Prior to each in-person meeting, institutional advisors must notify the Southeastern Conference office of the student-athletes who will be in attendance.

  • The Southeastern Conference office will pay the expenses of both representatives from each institution to attend each meeting. There shall be no duplication of expenses (e.g., mileage reimbursement for riding in the same car).

  • A quorum will consist of half of the members.


    All meeting expenses will be paid by the Southeastern Conference.


  • Proposed amendments to the Bylaws will be discussed at one meeting and voted on at the following meeting if a quorum is present. If a quorum is not present, the vote will be taken at the next meeting in which there is a quorum.

  • A two-thirds vote is required for ratification of an amendment.

    Advisors for the Committee:

    Each member of the SEC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is responsible for reporting Committee information to their institutional advisors and their campus student-athlete advisory committee.

    Goals and Objectives:

  • To participate in the governance structure of the SEC and NCAA.

  • To review and comment on NCAA and SEC proposed legislation.
  • To sponsor amendments to NCAA and SEC legislation.
  • To garner broad based information from other conference and the national student-athlete advisory committees.

  • To serve as a representative body for interest and concerns of student-athletes.

  • To discuss ways in which the student-athlete"s experience on campus may be improved and how to achieve the proper balance between athletic, academic and life experiences.
  • To serve as liaisons between the SEC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and institutional student-athlete advisory committees.
  • To discuss ways to help member institutions implement the six principles of student-athlete welfare:
    • Overall Educational Experience
    • Cultural Diversity and Gender Equity
    • Health and Safety
    • Student-Athlete/Coach Relationship
    • Fairness, Openness and Honesty
    • Student-Athlete Involvement

  • To serve as a leader in development and/or implementation of institutional student-athlete advisory committees.

  • To establish guidelines for a model student-athlete advisory committee.
  • To disseminate the SEC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee"s opinions and/or suggestions to the appropriate groups (e.g., faculty athletics representatives, athletics directors, senior woman administrators, compliance coordinators, directors of studentathlete support programs).
  • To play a leadership role in promotion of community service projects.

  • To garner the support of athletics administrators, coaches and staff on initiatives important to student-athletes.