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    SEC "My Town": LSU's LaRon Landry contributor and founder/editor Jared Cooper caught up with former LSU standout and current Washington Redskins starting safety LaRon Landry to discuss his experiences at LSU and his memories of Tiger Stadium. Landry was a first-team All-America selection as a senior and was a four-time All-SEC selection.

    Cooper: How would you compare your experience of playing at Tiger Stadium to some of the SEC road stadiums you have played in?
    Landry: “Tiger Stadium – there is nothing like it. I mean, the only true stadium that reminds me of LSU stadium is our own, FedExField, because the crowd noise is real loud and it is like the 12th man on the field. It is really family-oriented. There is nothing like it at all.”

    Cooper: How would you describe the overall experience of the crowd in Tiger Stadium?
    Landry: “At LSU, there are like 98 thousand people. It feels like the field is rising. Back in the day they registered an earthquake in Tiger Stadium because it gets that loud. There is always the tradition of the crowd being like that.”

    Cooper: What are some of your favorite traditions at LSU home games?
    Landry: “The Tiger. It is kind of intimidating to the outside opponents. To just hear the Tiger roar coming out of the locker room, I just love it. I love running out of the tunnel because the student section is right behind you and you have your family and friends right there. That is pretty cool.”

    Cooper: How does the LSU Tiger compare versus the Auburn’s Tigers and their mascot Aubie?
    Landry: “No, they do not compare at all. Are you talking about that little mascot? Boo, don’t even mention that.”

    Cooper: What was your most memorable experience at Tiger Stadium?
    Landry: “I had so many memories, it is so hard to pinpoint. One of my favorite memories was my first opportunity to start my freshman year. I started as a true freshman and we played Mississippi State in my fourth game. I led the team in tackles and I was SEC Player of the Week. It was phenomenal. There are just so many memories at LSU stadium.”

    Cooper: What was the most hostile road SEC game you ever played?
    Landry: “There are really three. Auburn – that is pretty crucial. Their fans are hostile and they don’t really like us. They get kind of crazy over there. Florida is pretty crucial too. Arkansas is number one because we are playing for the boot.”

    Cooper: You have any favorite restaurants on the LSU campus?
    Landry: “When I got there, Canes was popping. Raising Canes was popping. I got introduced to that my freshman year and I never stopped eating it. So, that is pretty cool.”

    Cooper: What are some of your favorite things to do in Baton Rouge when you aren't playing football or in class?
    Landry: “I liked going to the Rec and working out. It is real nice. It is like the French, you know, the French Riviera. It is big like that. You get to go in there and play basketball against your fans and just ball out really. All the football guys would be there and it was always real competitive all the time.”

    Cooper: What was your favorite place to hang out at on the LSU campus?
    Landry: “WCA – West Campus Apartments. It is where all the athletes stayed. Everybody would come over there and we really had our own campus apartments. It wasn’t really a dorm, so it was just like having your own apartment. I moved off campus my junior year, but we all find our way back to the WCA because that was the hangout spot.”

    Cooper: Are you planning on going back to LSU for a home game this year and if so, what is the first thing you will do in Baton Rouge?
    Landry: “On our bye week, if they play at home, I will go back. There is nothing major I would really do when I go back, I would just talk to the fellas right back at the WCA.”

    Cooper: Explain your experience going back to LSU games since you have graduated?
    Landry: “I went back, I think it was my second year in the NFL and they played Alabama. I won with my national championship with Coach [Nick] Saban my freshman year. I started all my years and Coach Saban really helped me a lot since he was a pro-style coach. Going back it is kind of hard to say, I really root for both teams. I root for Coach Saban because he is one of my favorite coaches and LSU because I went there. But, my crazy ass during that game went on the LSU sideline with a Crimson shirt on. So, it was awful and they lost.”

    Cooper: Talk about the LSU fans.
    Landry: “The fans are the best I had been around until I went to Washington. They are on the same level as the Redskins fans and they are family-oriented. I love LSU. Go Tigers.”

    Cooper: What it is like being on the Redskins with fellow LSU Tigers, and national champions, running back Keiland Williams and linebacker Riley Perry?
    Landry: “I played with both of them at LSU. They were sophomores when I was a senior. Ever since I came to the Redskins, I had never had an LSU guy on the team. Most guys have a teammate from college on the Redskins that kind of looks out for them. I am a big brother to those guys. After spending time with them at LSU, especially Keiland, as soon as he came in I had to give him a hard time. With him being a running back and me being a safety, I would always hit him and give him a hard time. We do the same thing out here just like at school because we are all the same old people. I am definitely a mentor to them. They come by my house and chill now and we keep it a family. You know, always a Tiger.”

    Jared Cooper worked for the National Football League’s PR department for four years before creating You can follow him on Twitter (@SportsPowerWknd) or contact him at