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    SEC "My Town": UK's Jacob Tamme

    SEC "My Town": Kentucky’s Jacob Tamme contributor and founder/editor Jared Cooper caught up with former UK standout and current Indianapolis Colts tight end Jacob Tamme to discuss his experiences at Kentucky and his memories of Commonwealth Stadium. Tamme was a two-time first-team All-SEC selection, and is second in SEC history with 133 receptions by a tight end.

    Cooper: Jacob, what were some of your favorite traditions at UK home games?
    Tamme: The Cat Walk. The Cat Walk started getting big towards the end of my career. I really enjoyed that at some of our big games. Just the camaraderie of the guys and the band going around, walking around the stadium, and just the general feel of the game; the C-A-T-S and all that. It is just a special place to me. I’d like to see even more traditions get going as we go forward.

    Cooper: What was your most memorable experience at Commonwealth Stadium?
    Tamme: Some of the big wins, obviously. The LSU game would have to be up there at the top, and the Louisville game that same year (2007). I think we opened up our home schedule with Louisville that year and they were ranked number nine or so in the country. And the Georgia win the year before, in 2006. That win kind of spearheaded getting us going and getting us to believe that we could compete with anybody in the SEC. Those three games were probably the most memorable.

    Cooper: How would you compare the experience of playing at Commonwealth Stadium to some of the SEC road stadiums you played in?
    Tamme: Commonwealth can be as good as anywhere when the fans are jacked up and into it and being loud for our defense. It can be a really tough place for opposing teams to come play. We have great fans and have always had great fans, even through some tough times. To keep that atmosphere going we have to have the fans loud and helping out our defense. There are some great places around the SEC and Commonwealth has to be one of them to help our guys out.

    Cooper: What was the most hostile road game you ever played in the SEC?
    Tamme: The one that sticks out in my mind would have to be the South Carolina game our senior year. I believe we were undefeated and they were too maybe, and we were both ranked in the top-12, I believe. It was a Thursday night game, and I will never forget that when we were doing warm-ups you couldn’t even hear the whistles blow. It was probably just the students – eight or 10 thousand people – and they were so loud it was amazing to think about how loud 80,000 could be when only 10,000 were this loud. You couldn’t even hear yourself think out there. That just goes to show you how loud Commonwealth could get if we were making noise. Ten thousand were so loud that we couldn’t even hear the whistles blow during warm-ups during that South Carolina game. I think that place is a little underrated and that was the most hostile game ever.

    Cooper: What are some of your favorite restaurants on UK’s campus?
    Tamme: There are a lot of good ones. I have to give a shout out to the K Lair, a little campus grill beside Haggin Hall. That is where I spent a lot of my time around campus. There are a lot of neat spots around Lexington.

    Cooper: What were some of your favorite things to do in Lexington when not playing football or in class?
    Tamme: I have always loved playing golf and there are a lot of neat golf courses around Lexington. Keeneland is obviously a huge draw for everyone in Lexington and UK and around central Kentucky. Those and checking out other UK sports would probably be my favorite things to do.

    Cooper: Are you planning on going back to UK for a home game this year?
    Tamme: I definitely plan on going back for the Georgia game. It is during our bye week so I definitely plan to go back.

    Jared Cooper worked for the National Football League’s PR department for four years before creating You can follow him on Twitter (@SportsPowerWknd) or contact him at