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    SEC Baseball Tops Two Million in Attendance in 2011

    For the first time in history, the SEC has officially drawn over two million in attendance to its on-campus baseball stadiums in a single season. The historic mark was reached over the weekend as three SEC teams hosted NCAA Regionals. The league is also close to averaging over 5,000 per game for the first time as well.

    Not included in this number is the nearly 100,000 spectators the SEC Baseball Tournament drew in Hoover just two weeks ago.

    Three capacity-filled SEC stadiums (Florida, South Carolina, Vanderbilt) will be featured on national television this weekend as Super Regionals are shown on various ESPN platforms.

    As of June 6

    Year after year, the SEC continues to be the benchmark in paid college baseball attendance. The SEC and its member schools own virtually all regular season, conference tournament, NCAA Regional and Super Regional attendance records. The SEC and one of its institutions have led the NCAA in total and average attendance for the last 14 seasons in a row, and 19 of the last 25 years. In 2005, the SEC set a goal to reach the 1.5 million attendance. The drive was renewed and continued for the 2006 season, a season which saw over 1.6 million fans at SEC ballparks. In 2007, the SEC drew nearly 1.7 million and averaged for 4,000 per game for first time in history. In 2008 the league drew over 1.6 million and 4,000 per game again. In 2009, attendance records were smashed as total numbers neared 1.9 million, an average of almost 4,700 per game. New records were once again set in 2010 as the league came close to drawing over two million in total attendance.

    Team Home Dates Total Average
    LSU 38 400,295 10,534
    Ole Miss 32 261,006 8,156
    Arkansas 31 245,905 7,932
    South Carolina 38 280,795 7,389
    Mississippi State 31 189,218 6,103
    Alabama 33 130,908 3,966
    Florida 38 143,423 3,774
    Auburn 33 97,919 2,967
    Vanderbilt 34 89,798 2,577
    Georgia 27 61,077 2,262
    Kentucky 31 51,159 1,649
    Tennessee 35 50,956 1,455
    TOTALS 401 2,002,459 4993

    *Some teams have played doubleheaders at various points of the season, giving them less home dates than they have played actual home games.


    Date Matchup Attendance
    March 18 Florida at LSU 12,076
    February 18 Wake Forest at LSU 12,070
    March 12 Cal-State Fullerton at LSU 11,803
    March 11 Cal-State Fullerton at LSU 11,738
    March 19 Florida at LSU 11,703
    April 9 LSU at Arkansas 11,462
    April 2 Ole Miss at LSU 11,421
    March 1 SE Louisiana at LSU 11,307
    April 9 Florida at Mississippi State 11,201
    April 16 Mississippi State at Arkansas 11,194


    April 26 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech 18,156
    (Turner Field; Atlanta, Ga.)

    March 29 Florida vs. Florida State 10,078
    (Jacksonville, Fla.)

    March 22 Arkansas vs. Memphis 10,062
    (Little Rock, Ark.)

    March 1 Florida vs. Florida State 7,869
    (Tampa, Fla.)

    March 15 Alabama vs.Auburn 7,492
    (Montgomery, Ala.)

    April 19 Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State 7,334
    (Pearl, Miss.)