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    SEC Schools Conduct Joint Recruitment Fairs for Fairfax County and Northern Virginia Areas

    MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. - When Marian Kendrick, a career center specialist at Oakton High School, asked a director of admissions from a Southeastern Conference school if she could bring her colleagues up to Northern Virginia to meet with students from their schools, little did she know that representatives from all 12 schools would be coming less than a year later. As a result, in 2010, the 12 schools in the SEC, for the first time, held joint recruitment fairs for students and information breakfasts for career center staffs and counselors in the Fairfax County and Northern Virginia areas.

    At each location, the college fairs gave high school students and their families the chance to meet representatives from each school and learn more about each institution. While it is more often the norm that younger staff members from admissions offices travel to visit high schools and students, the leadership in the SEC believes their schools are a “natural fit” for students they consider top notch from our area. Therefore, vice presidents, deans and directors from the institutions were among those traveling to Virginia to recruit together for their schools.

    “By holding these joint programs, the SEC is giving high school students and counselors a
    one-stop shop to learn about the opportunities at a variety of great schools,” said Dr. Phil
    Bonfanti, director of admissions and scholarships at Mississippi State University, and coordinator of the program for the SEC Admissions Network. “We want to carry the news of the SEC, home to leading academics and athletics, warm places and friendly faces, to the great students in this area of the country.”