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    LSU-Alabama "Q and A": Patrick Peterson

    By: Eric SanInocencio
    SEC Digital Network

    Birmingham, Ala. -- As we showed in a previous interview this week, just because you leave college doesn't mean you leave the LSU-Alabama rivalry behind.

    At this time last year, former LSU standout Patrick Peterson was wearing a Tigers jersey, en route to a special season as the nation's top secondary player. Fast forward to this year, as Peterson now roams the secondary for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. Even with NFL offenses and games on his mind, he took time to answer a few questions about his beloved LSU Tigers.

    SEC Digital Network: As a former LSU player, what is the rivalry with Alabama like?

    Patrick Peterson: The rivalry speaks for itself. Everybody knows what is expected out of both teams. They will be fired up to play each other, being the top two teams in the SEC West. It is always great, great competition going back to when coach (Nick) Saban was at LSU. That made the rivalry even that much better.

    SEC Digital Network: Do you have a favorite Alabama game from your tenure at LSU?

    Patrick Peterson: Actually I do. I have to go with my sophomore season. Although we lost, there were just so many memorable things that happened in that game. I held their top guy to no catches, until the fourth quarter when he streaked up the sidelines. Then the ref, when I intercepted a ball, he called no interception. Every year we play each other it comes down to the wire. I can remember my freshman year, me and Julio (Jones) going at it and he got the best of me my freshman year. In each season, there was always something memorable. Every year I played against those guys, it was a great, great matchup.

    SEC Digital Network: How hard was it to prepare for Alabama during the week? Did your focus change because of the opponent?

    Patrick Peterson: It was not that hard to prepare for Alabama because you know what they were going to give you. They were going to run right, run left and then try to get you down field. Those guys have that much confidence in their running game that they feel like ‘you have to show me you can stop it’ basically. They definitely have great athletes at the receiver position as well, you can’t let those guys behind you, but every year we knew what Alabama wanted to do.

    SEC Digital Network: What is the atmosphere like when you are playing a road game in Tuscaloosa?

    Patrick Peterson: I only played there once but it is a great crowd. They definitely have almost the same fan base as LSU, but you are going to their house. I know it is going to be a great game.

    SEC Digital Network: If you were LSU’s defensive coordinator this week, how would you try and stop Trent Richardson?

    Patrick Peterson: Man, I would put nine in the box. I would put nine in the box and then you show me you can beat me with the pass, basically.

    SEC Digital Network: If you were playing this week, what would be your game plan? Would you help more in the run game?

    Patrick Peterson: Not necessarily. That is what the defensive linemen, the safeties and the linebackers are for. You put those guys in the box to stop the run. My job, if I was there still, is to stop (Marquis) Maze from getting behind me. The other young guy, #15, he was always a sneaky, sneaky good player when I was there as well.

    SEC Digital Network: Who do you think wins on November 5th?

    Patrick Peterson: LSU. That is my alma mater. I definitely am not going to pick Alabama. LSU wins in a close game, but it is going to be LSU.