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    Vanderbilt's Franklin Gets New Deal

    NASHVILLE - Vice Chancellor David Williams announced on Friday that Head Football Coach James Franklin has received a new contract, and that the university will make a number of facility improvements in the coming years that will benefit not only the football program, but the university as a whole. Per Vanderbilt's policy, details of the contract as well as the cost for the facility enhancements were not disclosed.

    "First and foremost, we have torn up the contract for James Franklin, and rewarded him and his family with a new contract with extended years and a substantial increase in compensation," Williams said.

    Williams announced that the largest facility project of all will be the construction of a new indoor facility that will include a 120-yard football field with a track around it. The facility will be used by many of Vanderbilt's sports.

    "We have already begun the work to identify the space and to identify a plan," Williams said. "It would be an all-purpose, all-event center. It will benefit not only our football team, but some of our other teams."

    Williams noted that the improvements must first be approved by the Board of Trust, which reconvenes in April. After approval, his hope is to have the indoor facility completed before the 2014 season, if not sooner.

    "We are going to do what we have to do to be champions," Williams said.

    "By no means have we arrived," Franklin said. "This is a real positive step in right direction but we have a lot more work to do."

    Here are a few details of what is planned.

    Facility Improvements Scheduled to be Completed Before 2012 Football Season:
    • Football Coaches' Locker Room
    • Hendrix Room
    • New Theater-Style Classroom
    • New Meeting Rooms
    • New Locker Rooms for Olympic Sports Teams

    Facility Improvements Scheduled to be Completed in Coming Years:
    • Multi-Purpose Building to be used by all sports (120 yard field with track that circles field)
    • JumboTron in Vanderbilt Stadium
    • Vanderbilt Stadium Lights
    • Vanderbilt Stadium Turf