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    Smart Expects LSU-Bama Offenses to Take More Shots

    AP Sports Writer

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart says there's no way this LSU game will be as low-scoring as the first.

    Smart says both offenses will take more chances this time and not play as close to the vest. He says the top-ranked Tigers have taken more shots downfield in every game since their 9-6 overtime win in Tuscaloosa.

    Speaking to reporters Saturday, Smart said he feels LSU thought they could control the first game with defense.

    This time, he feels there will be plenty of 1-on-1 matchups downfield, "and we'll either win them or we won't."

    Asked if it could be a 3-0 game, Crimson Tide linebacker Dont'a Hightower is hoping for some more scoring -- for the fans' sake. He says, "Hopefully it'll be more entertaining than that."