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    SEC Swimming and Diving Championships Day Two

    By: Sean Cartell
    SEC Digital Network

    Day Two Results (PDF)

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – The Auburn men and the Georgia women lead Thursday after the second day of the Southeastern Conference swimming and diving championships hosted by the University of Tennessee at its Allan Jones Aquatic Center.

    Auburn holds the lead on the men’s side with 301 total team points through eight events, while Florida is second with 276, Georgia and Tennessee are tied for third with 208 points.

    Georgia headlines the women’s team standings with 274 total team points through eight events. Tennessee is second with 249 and Auburn is third with 228.5.

    Tennessee senior Ryan Helms won his second SEC individual championship of the week, claiming the men’s 1-meter title with a score of 415.10 on Thursday. That title comes on the heels of capturing the 3-meter diving championship on Wednesday, as Helms becomes the first athlete to win those two titles in the same year since Auburn’s Steven Segerlin did so in 2007.

    Georgia freshman Amber McDermott took home the women’s 500-yard freestyle championship in a time of 4:37.15. She extends Georgia’s winning streak in that event to four consecutive titles, as the Bulldogs’ Allison Schmitt won each of the last three crowns from 2009-2011.

    Georgia junior Martin Grodzki won the men’s 500-yard freestyle crown in a time of 4:16.94. A member of the Bulldogs team has captured the event in six of the last eight years.

    Florida sophomore Elizabeth Beisel captured the women’s 200-yard IM championship in a time of 1:54.89. She is the second Gator in three years to capture the event after Gemma Spofforth won in 2010.

    Florida sophomore Marcin Cieslak, last season’s runner-up in the event, claimed the men’s 200-yard IM championship in a time of 1:43.01. With his victory, the Gators have captured that event in seven of the last eight years, with Shaune Fraser winning the previous last Florida title in the 200-yard IM in 2010.

    Auburn’s Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace won her second consecutive SEC individual title in the women’s 50-yard freestyle in a time of 21.35. That just narrowly missed her own SEC meet record of 21.34 set last season in Gainesville.

    Florida sophomore Bradley deBorde took home the men’s 50-yard freestyle championship, clocking a time of 19.29, after finishing third in the event a year ago. He becomes the first Florida athlete to claim the SEC crown in the men’s 50 freestyle since Mark Stockwell in 1985.

    South Carolina senior Courtney Forcucci claimed the women’s 3-meter diving championship with an SEC-record score of 392.40. It marked the second championship in a row for the Gamecocks in that event after South Carolina’s Taryn Zack won last season.

    Auburn won the women’s 200-yard freestyle relay in a time of 1:28.32, capturing the event for the second consecutive year. The quartet consisted of Vanderpool-Wallace, Hannah Riordan, Emily Bos and Haley Krakoski. It was just shy of the meet record of 1:28.15 set by Florida in 2009.

    Auburn captured the men’s 200-yard freestyle relay for the 10th consecutive year using the quartet of Drew Modrov, Karl Krug, Chris Manning and TJ Leon in a time of 1:16.38, which is the fastest time in the country this year.

    Day three of the 2012 SEC Swimming and Diving Championship begins at 10 a.m. ET at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center.

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    SEC Swimming and Diving Championships Day 2

    Men’s Team Standings (Through Eight Events): 1. Auburn 301; 2. Florida 276; T3. Georgia 208; T3. Tennessee 208; 5. LSU 168; 6. Kentucky 116; 7. South Carolina 95; 8. Alabama 67. 

    Women’s Team Standings (Through Eight Events): 1. Georgia 274; 2. Tennessee 249; 3. Auburn 228.5; 4. Florida 198.5; 5. LSU 176; 6. South Carolina 116; 7. Arkansas 113; 8. Alabama 110; 9. Kentucky 54; 10. Vanderbilt 46

    Men’s 1-Meter Diving Finals
    1. Ryan Helms (UT) 415.10; 2. Daniel Helm (LSU) 376.55; 3. Greg Ferrucci (UK) 356.20; 4. John Santieu (AU) 356.05; 5. Matt Vieke (LSU) 352.60; 6. Mauricio Robles (UT); 7. Adam Godzinski (AU) 325.70; 8. Brent Sterling (UT) 274.75.

    Women’s 500-Yard Freestyle Final
    1. Amber McDermott (UGA) 4:37.15; 2. Lindsay Gendron (UT) 4:38.74; 3. Shannon Vreeland (UGA) 4:39.72; 4. Wendy Trott (UGA) 4:39.93; 5. Kelsey Gaid (UGA) 4:40.59; 6. Jamie Bohunicky (UF) 4:40.63; 7. Jordan Mattern (UGA) 4:42.69; 8. Corinne Showalter (UF) 4:43.51. 

    Men’s 500-Yard Freestyle Final
    1. Martin Grodzki (UGA) 4:16.94; 2. Jason Taylor (UF) 4:18.99; 3. Nicholas Caldwell (UF) 4:20.11; 4. Connor Signorin (UF) )4:20.59; 5. Andrew Gemmell (UGA) 4:20.61; 6. Craig Hamilton (LSU) 4:22.01; 7. William Freeman (UGA) 4:22.36; 8. Carlos Omana (UF) 4:24.45.

    Women’s 200-Yard IM Final
    1. Elizabeth Beisel (UF) 1:54.89; 2. Melanie Margalis (UGA) 1:55.78; 3. Jana Mangimelli (UGA) 1:55.99; 4. Kelsey Floyd (UT) 1:58.58; 5. Hilda Luthersdottir (UF) 1:58.75; 6. Michelle McKeehan (UGA) 1:58.89; 7. Kirsten Smith (UF) 1:59.00; 8. Torrey Bussey (LSU) 1:59.77.

    Men’s 200-Yard IM Final
    1. Marcin Cieslak (UF) 1:43.01; 2. Kyle Owens (AU) 1:43.30; 3. Nicolas Fink (UGA) 1:44.86; 4. Gomez Solaeche (UF) 1:45.10; 5. Dan Wallace (UF) 1:45.33; 6. Matthew Curby (UF) 1:45.77; 7. Jared Markham (UGA) 1:47.22; 8. Tristan Slater (UT) 1:47.40.

    Women’s 50-Yard Freestyle Final
    1. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace (AU) 21.35; 2. Amanda Kendall (LSU) 21.92; 3. Sarah Bateman (UF) 22.01; 4. Madeline Locus (UGA) 22.10; 5. Caroline Simmons (UT) 22.32; 5. Jenny Connolly (UT) 22.32; 7. Hannah Riordan (AU) 22.46; 8. Marre Niemi (LSU) 23.03.

    Men’s 50-Yard Freestyle Final
    1. Bradley deBorde (UF) 19.29; 2. Drew Modrov (AU) 19.32; 3. Karl Krug (AU) 19.38; 4. Chris Manning (AU) 19.47; 5. Marcelo Chierighini (AU) 19.57; 6. Michael Arnold (UGA) 19.58; 7. James Disney-May (AU) 19.62; 8. Matthew Norton (UF) 19.78.

    Women’s 3-Meter Diving Final
    1. Courtney Forcucci (SC) 392.40; 2. Victoria Lamp (UT) 381.85; 3. Alex Bettridge (LSU) 366.85; 4. Vennie Dantin (AU) 362.45; 5. Kesha Naylor (AR) 353.20; 6. Jodi McGroarty (UT) 344.80; 7. Paige McCleary (UA) 339.45; 8. Anna Aguero (AU) 322.10.

    Women’s 200-Yard Freestyle Relay Final
    1. Auburn (Vanderpool-Wallace, Riordan, Bos, Krakoski) 1:28.32; 2. Georgia (Locus, Graber, Harrington, Romano) 1:28.80; 3. Tennessee (Simmons, McNeilis, Connolly, Gendron) 1:28.86; 4. LSU (Kendall, Niemi, Carter, Goates) 1:29.22; 5. Florida (Bateman, Zalewski, Bohunicky, Frehling) 1:29.32; 6. Alabama (Vourna, Popa, Persson, Burchell) 1:31.43; 7. Kentucky (Wilson, Eppler, Perry, Peterson) 1:32.46; 8. South Carolina (Elliott, Brockington, Raczkowski, Schaffer) 1:33.38; 9. Arkansas (White, Whitbeck, Hertzler, Lunkenheimer) 1:34.00; 10. Vanderbilt (Thomas, Morey, Roberts, Lynch) 1:37.12.

    Men’s 200-Yard Freestyle Relay
    1. Auburn (Modrov, Krug, Manning, Leon) 1:16.38; 2. Florida (deBorde, Norton, Turner, Curby) 1:17.86; 3. Tennessee (Walsh, Rairden, Thulin, Henahan) 1:19.05; 4. Georgia (Arnold, Reynolds, Hill, Simmons) 1:19.16; 5. LSU (Tuomola, Saco, Wepasnick, Greeff) 1:19.33; 6. Alabama (Caciuc, Hornikel, Coci, Reynolds) 1:19.43; 7. South Carolina (Warner, Seiler, Heinze, Kaden) 1:19.89; 8. Kentucky (Lott, Heidler, Bullock, Thomas) 1:21.78.

    Champion Quotes – Thursday, Feb. 16


    Men’s 1-Meter Diving
    “It is definitely a special thing to have my whole team here, my family here and to just win in the pool that I practice in every day. This is my senior year, so there are a lot of memories here.”

    “I had a great meet last year on the 1-meter and it so happened that I got beat out by teammate by a few points. I am not sure what the exact score was but I am sure I was within a couple of points of that score from last year. It is a great score to have on 1-meter. I have not gone that high all year so it was definitely a great performance for me.”

    “It was pretty cool to win both 1-meter and 3-meter. It is always easy to get comfortable after a win. After yesterday’s competition, I made a point to come back and not be happy with that.”

    Women’s 500 Free
    “All my hard work has paid off so hopefully everyone else will be doing great too. I usually take it out pretty fast, but I wasn’t getting too comfortable because I know a lot of people have great back-halves. Shannon (Vreeland) and I train together all the time, so it’s really great to be on the podium together.”

     Women’s 500 Free
    “I knew I was going to make my move at 250 or 300 at the latest. I saw that no one could go with me. At that point, I felt pretty good about it. My time was alright and was pretty good for not being tapered. I definitely wanted to win this year after finishing second last year.”

    Women’s 200 IM
    “I’m a little disappointed with the time (1:54.89). I thought I was going to be able to go faster than this morning. But it’s the best time by 2 seconds over what my time was before, so I can’t really complain and I’m glad I was able to get the win for the team. I knew exactly where I was. In the breaststroke leg, when everybody started catching me – it always happens – I just try to swim my own race and put the blinders on, I guess. It’s awesome. I love this pool. And the crowd here is awesome; they’re so loud and it really gets you excited for the race.”

    Men’s 200 IM
    “I got second last year so this is really great. I have had guys pushing me and I really wanted to win. This is my best time and faster than last year. I feel like I am making progress. My goal was 1:43 and that is what it took to win. The atmosphere here is great.”

    Women’s 50 Freestyle
    “I’m kind of struggling with my details in this race. In prelims, I took an extra stroke into the wall and did it again this afternoon. Luckily, I get to lead off on the relay so I’m going to try it again and try to go a little bit faster again. This is an awesome pool. It’s a really fast pool. I love it. I felt pretty good going into the race, but in the 50 freestyle you kind of just have to shove your head off and go into it.”

    Men’s 50 Free
    “I have really been really working on this race a lot. I have the best training mates in the sprint group this year. We have really been pushing to have a good finish this in the 50. It is a great win for Florida. I wanted to go a little faster but I am pretty happy with my time.”

    Women’s 3-meter Diving
    “I haven’t digested everything quite yet. It was a really great meet and a lot of fun to compete in. Our team was great cheering and I really just enjoyed myself on the boards. I was thinking, ‘Don’t go in; don’t go out. Just do what you’ve practiced.’ I get with Todd (Sherritt, diving coach) before every dive and get a correction and I just focus on what Todd tells me to do. Usually if I hit that objective, I’m right on cue. I’m really happy with how I’ve performed. I’ve done a lot of hard work and preparation to get here and it’s really paying off. I just hope to keep it going for the rest of this weekend on platform and through NCAAs.”

    Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay
    “The 200 free relay is kind of Auburn’s thing; we’re known for our sprinting. So we know we’ve just got to go out there and put down a good performance, help this team out and give them the boost we need going into tomorrow. We just went out there, did our race and we won. We tried to get out ahead and just keep it that way. The pool’s pretty good so far – some fast swimming and we’re ready for some more.”

    Women’s 200 Medley Relay
    “It was great having Arianna (Vanderpool-Wallace) leading us out in good, open water. We all wanted to win and got the job done. It feels great to be a SEC champion.”