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    SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships Day One

    By: Sean Cartell
    SEC Digital Network


    LEXINGTON, Ky. – What a way to spend a 22nd birthday for Arkansas multi-event athlete Makeba Alcide.

    The junior, competing on her birthday, captured the 2012 Southeastern Conference pentathlon championship on Friday at the opening day of the league’s indoor championship meet, hosted by the University of Kentucky at its E.J. Nutter Field House.

    It was a light day of competition that featured only the pentathlon and the first four events of the men’s heptathlon.

    Alcide captured the pentathlon crown with a personal-best score of 4,126, marking the first time in her career that she has eclipsed the 4,000-point plateau. She became the first Arkansas athlete to win the pentathlon since Etienne Chaplain did so in 2008.

    How did it feel to have two things to celebrate today?

    “That was the plan at the beginning,” Alcide said. “I was PR-ing in every event pretty much, but I still wasn’t in the lead, so I had to dig deep in the 800m to bring it home.”

    Mississippi State’s Erica Bougard finished second in the pentathlon standings with 4,109 total points, while Alabama’s Kaylon Eppinger was third (4,081) and Florida’s Brittany Harrell was fourth (4,050).

    Florida senior Gray Horn, the defending SEC heptathlon champion, leads the men’s heptathlon competition through four events with a personal-best and school-record first-day score of 3,418 to lead the field by more than 100 points. Horn was just three points off the SEC opening-day heptathlon record of 3,421 set by Tennessee’s Jangy Addy in 2008.

    Georgia’s Cory Holman is currently in second place with 3,311 points, Arkansas’ Kevin Lazas is in third with a total of 3,265 points and the Razorbacks’ Gunnar Nixon – the national leader in the event – is in fourth with 3,200 points.

    Day two of the 2012 SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships begins at 11 a.m. ET from E.J. Nutter Field House in Lexington, Ky.

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    SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships (February 24, 2012)

    Women’s Team Standings (through one event):
    T1. Arkansas 10; T1. Mississippi State 10; 3. Alabama 6; 4. Florida 5; 5. Ole Miss 4; 6. LSU 3; 7. South Carolina 1.

    Women’s Pentathlon Standings (final): 1. Makeba Alcide (AR) 4,126; 2. Erica Bougard (MS) 4,109; 3. Kaylon Eppinger (UA) 4,081; 4. Brittany Harrell (UF) 4,050; 5. Fabia McDonald (UM) 4,005; 6. Alexandria Gochenour (LS) 3,885; 7. Keisha Wallace (MS) 3,777; 8. Chalese Davis (SC) 3,667; 9. Brittany Bozeman (UM) 3,542; 10. Mary Nall (UM) 3,537; 11. Sarah Graham (SC) 3,460; 12. Christiana Coleman (UM) 2,844; 13. Janetra Gleaves (VU) 2,602; DNF. Ellen Wortham (UT) 1,050.

    Women’s Pentathlon 60m Hurdles:
    1. Ellen Wortham (UT) 8.35; 2. Kaylon Eppinger (UA) 8.40; 3. Keisha Wallace (MS) 8.40; 4. Erica Bougard (MS) 8.57; 5. Chalese Davis (SC) 8.63; 6. Janetra Gleaves (VU) 8.66; 7. Fabia McDonald (UM) 8.71; 8. Makeba Alcide (AR) 8.72; 9. Alexandria Gochenour (LS) 8.75; 10. Brittany Harrell (UF) 8.81; 11. Mary Nall (UM) 8.91; 12. Sarah Graham (SC) 9.14; 13. Brittany Bozeman (UM) 9.31; 14. Christiana Coleman (UM) 10.53.

    Women’s Pentathlon High Jump:
    1. Makeba Alcide (AR) 1.76m/5-9.25; T2. Brittany Harrell (UF) 1.73m/5-8; T2. Kaylon Eppinger (UA) 1.73m/5-8; T4. Sarah Graham (SC) 1.70m/5-7;  T4. Fabia McDonald (UM) 1.70m/5-7; 6. Erica Bougard (MS) 1.67m/5-5.75; T7. Mary Nall (UM) 1.61m/5-3.25; T7. Alexandria Gochenour (LS) 1.61m/5-3.25; 9. Brittany Bozeman (UM) 1.58m/5-2.25; 10. Chalese Davis (SC) 1.55m/5-1; 11. Christiana Coleman (UM) 1.52m/4-11.75; 12. Keisha Wallace (MS) 1.49m/4-10.50.

    Women’s Pentathlon Shot Put: 1. Kaylon Eppinger (UA) 12.48m/40-11.50; 2. Makeba Alcide (AR) 11.82m/38-9.50; 3. Brittany Bozeman (UM) 11.64m/38-2.25; 4. Alexandria Gochenour (LS) 11.57m/37-11.50; 5. Brittany Harrell (UF) 10.95m/35-11.25; 6. Fabia McDonald (UM) 10.39m/34-1.25; 7. Chalese Davis (SC) 10.09m/33-1.25; 9. Mary Nall (UM) 10.05m/32-11.75; 10. Keisha Wallace (MS) 9.88m/32-5; 11. Ellen Wortham (UT) 9.71m/31-10.25; 12. Janetra Gleaves (VU) 9.17m/30-1; 13. Sarah Graham (SC) 8.35m/27-4.75; 14. Christiana Coleman (UM) 8.26m/27-1.25.

    Women’s Pentathlon Long Jump: 1. Erica Bougard (MS) 6.04m/19-9.75; 2. Fabia McDonald (UM) 5.89m/19-4; 3. Brittany Bozeman (UM) 5.88m/19-3.50; 4. Keisha Wallace (MS) 5.87m/19-3.25; 5. Brittany Harrell (UF) 5.81m/19-0.75; 6. Makeba Alcide (AR) 5.72m/18-9.25; 7. Kaylon Eppinger (UA) 5.65m/18-6.50; 8. Alexandria Gochenour (LS) 5.53m/18-1.75; 9. Chalese Davis (SC) 5.51m/18-1; 10. Janetra Gleaves (VU) 5.11m/16-9.25; 11. Sarah Graham (SC) 5.03m/16-6; 12. Mary Nall (UM) 4.95m/16-3; 13. Christiana Coleman (UM) 4.83m/15-10.25.

    Women’s Pentathlon 800m: 1. Erica Bougard (MS) 2:14.80; 2. Brittany Harrell (UF) 2:19.86; 3. Makeba Alcide (AR) 2:20.60; 4. Fabia McDonald (MS) 2:21.12; 5. Alexandria Gochenour (LS) 2:21.53; 6. Keisha Wallace (MS) 2:22.04; 7. Mary Nall (UM); 2:23.08; 8. Chalese Davis (SC) 2:24.63; 9. Sarah Graham (SC) 2:26.71; 10. Kaylon Eppinger (UA) 2:28.35; 11. Christiana Coleman (UM) 2:23.18; 12. Janetra Gleaves (VU) 2:41.49; 13. Brittany Bozeman (UM) 2:43.46.

    Men’s Heptathlon Standings (through four events):
    1. Gray Horn (UF) 3,418; 2. Cory Holman (UG) 3,311; 3. Kevin Lazas (AR) 3,265; 4. Gunnar Nixon (AR) 3,200; 5. Terry Prentice (AR) 3,107; 6. Garrett Scantling (UG) 3,102; 7. Michael Ayers (UG) 3,080; 8. Nathanael Franks (AR) 2,942; 9. Chris Sharp (SC) 2,804; 10. Daniel Buckles (UK) 2,517.

    Men’s Heptathlon 60m: 1. Cory Holman (UG) 6.91; 2. Gray Horn (UF) 6.96; 3. Kevin Lazas (AR) 7.09; 4. Michael Ayers (UG) 7.11; 5. Terry Prentice (AR) 7.15; 6. Garrett Scantling (UG) 7.17; 7. Gunnar Nixon (AR) 7.17; 8. Nathanael Franks (AR) 7.27; 9. Chris Sharp (SC) 7.52; 10. Daniel Buckles (UK) 7.60.

    Men’s Heptathlon Long Jump: 1. Gray Horn (UF) 7.57m/24-10; 2. Cory Holman (UG) 7.50m/25-7.25; 3. Kevin Lazas (AR) 7.37m/24-2.25; 4. Terry Prentice (AR) 7.17m/23-6.25; 5. Michael Ayers (UG) 7.08m/23-2.75; 6. Gunnar Nixon (AR) 7.01m/23-0; 7. Nathanael Franks (AR) 6.72m/22-0.75; 8. Garrett Scantling (UG) 6.71m/22-0.25; 9. Chris Sharp (SC) 6.67m/21-10.75; 10. Daniel Buckles (UK) 6.25m/20-6.25.

    Men’s Heptathlon Shot Put: 1. Kevin Lazas (AR) 14.11m/46-3.50; 2. Gray Horn (UF) 13.70m/44-11.50; 3. Nathanael Franks (AR) 13.69m/44-11; 4. Gunnar Nixon (AR) 13.57m/44-6.25; 5. Michael Ayers (UG) 12.79m/41-11.50; 6. Terry Prentice (AR) 12.66m/41-6.50; 7. Garrett Scantling (UG) 12.65m/41-6; 8. Chris Sharp (SC) 12.53m/41-1.50; 9. Cory Holman (UG) 12.39m/40-7.75; 10. Daniel Buckles (UK) 10.65m/34-11.25.

    Men’s Heptathlon High Jump:
    1. Garrett Scantling (UG) 2.09m/6-10.25; T2. Gunnar Nixon (AR) 2.06m/6-9; T2. Gray Horn (UF) 2.06m/6-9; 4. Cory Holman (UG) 2.03m/6-8; T5. Terry Prentice (AR) 1.97m/6-5.50; T5. Kevin Lazas (AR) 1.97m/6-5.50; 7. Michael Ayers (UG) 1.94m/6-4.25; 8. Chris Sharp (SC) 1.91m/6-3.25; 9. Nathanael Franks (AR) 1.88m/6-2; 10. Daniel Buckles (UK) 1.85m/6-0.75.

    Day One Quotes

    Arkansas – Makeba Alcide

    On winning the pentathlon on the same day as her birthday…
    “That was the plan at the beginning. I was PR-ing in every event pretty much, but I still wasn’t in the lead so I had to dig deep in the 800(-meter run) to bring it home.”

    On the 800-meter run to finish the pentathlon…
    “Well, I kind of went out too fast, so the time I was hoping to hit didn’t happen. But at the same time, I just went out and ran and gave a good effort at the end and ended up beating her by 17 points.”