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    The Rotation With Phil Bush

    By: Phil Bush
    SEC Digital Network

    ATLANTA - Last week, I spoke about the number of really good matches on the slate.  How good was the last week?

    • Of the 10 matches played last weekend, eight went four or five sets.

    That is all that needs to be said about the Southeastern Conference in one sentence.  Only Florida over Missouri and Arkansas over Georgia were 3-0 matches.  This tells us a lot about this conference:

    • Teams that have not done well in recent years are asserting themselves and making it known that they are ready for primetime.

    • The SEC is going to have a lot of teams that will contend for the SEC Championship.

    • The SEC will put a lot of teams into postseason play.

    Some of these records are interesting, and for different reasons:
    • Missouri (11-3) - While the Tigers did lose to Florida they are 3-1 in the conference
    • South Carolina (13-2) - Took Tennessee to four sets and sent a message that they are not going to be pushed around
    • Auburn (12-2) - Beat Alabama and South Carolina and at the top of the West right now
    • Arkansas (11-3) - Beat Tennessee and Georgia and continue to impress
    • Texas A&M (10-2) - Ready to contend for a conference crown, despite a loss to Kentucky in  five hard-fought sets
    • Alabama (12-4) - Very improved from a year ago, they and Auburn will battle to the wire for the title of best team in the state

    Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida still are considered at the top of the SEC.  So much more remains to be played.  What are the match-ups to watch this weekend?

    Florida at South Carolina – The new and improved Gamecocks will fight the Gators all the way to till end

    Texas A&M at Missouri – These teams have a long history and both will want to make statement about who the best new team is in the conference

    LSU at Arkansas – These Tigers are off to a slow start, but they can heat up in a hurry.  This is a big match for them to get back in the SEC West race

    Auburn at Kentucky– This is an interesting match, Auburn will will want to make a strong statement about their improvement.  Kentucky has played a very tough early season schedule and will want to keep it going

    Next week , I am back on the airwaves on Friday and Sunday in College Station for Fox Sports Net.  We will take a look at the Friday/Sunday match-ups that I will be bringing the SEC fans.