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    SEC Volleyball Blog – Week 5 – 10/5/2012

    Last week I spoke about the number of really good matches on the slate.  I thought this week I would go in a couple of areas:

    1.    Key matches for this week
    2.    The leaders at the ¼ mark in conference play
    3.    Individual statistics leaders  

    What is interesting this week match wise:
    •    Arkansas at Florida: The Gators are the only undefeated team in the SEC right now, but Arkansas is right behind at 4-1, and will bring a great amount of athletic play to the O’Connell Center. The start of a great weekend of action in Gainesville!  Interestingly enough, Arkansas is currently the leading team in the SEC in the RPI at number 16, with Florida at number 24.
    •    Missouri at Tennessee: Important match for the Eastern Division and for overall rankings.  Tennessee is currently number 27 in RPI and Missouri is 49.  The match will be very tough and hard to predict.
    •    South Carolina at Texas A&M: South Carolina started out strong but has had some stumbles, but they have taken games from both Florida and Tennessee- the Gamecocks will be tough, but A&M will be very hard to beat at home!
    •    Kentucky at Florida: Sunday has the Wildcats going to Gainesville.  This will be an equally challenging test on both sides! Kentucky may be 9-6, but have played a VERY hard schedule. They also beat A&M in Texas, so that shows you that they will come ready to pounce on the Gators!
    •    South Carolina at LSU: LSU is very had to beat at home!  How will South Carolina recover from the long road trip to Texas?

    For the TV fans out there: Across seven FSN networks on Friday, Oct. 5 at 9:30 p.m. EST, I take my first trip to Texas A&M to broadcast South Carolina at Texas A&M.  On Sunday, we bring you Mississippi State at Texas A&M at 4:00 p.m. EST.  Check your local FSN station, but many, many of them are airing these matches featuring one of the new teams in the SEC.  After 16 years of Broadcasting SEC volleyball, my only wish is that I was able to do more!

    The leaders at the ¼ mark – and NOT in any particular order are:
    •    Florida
    •    Arkansas
    •    Texas A&M
    •    Kentucky
    •    Missouri
    •    Auburn
    •    Tennessee

    A long way to go right now, but it is especially interesting to see the two new teams to the conference in this list.  What we know right now is any matches involving these teams is going to be very, very exciting.

    Statistically, a few individuals jump out:

    •    Kills: Kelsey Robinson, Tennessee - 4.73 KPG
    •    Assists: Taylor Brauneis, Florida - 11.67 APG
    •    Digs: Roxanne McVey, Mississippi State – 6.36 DPG
    •    Overall Points: Kelsey Robinson, Tennessee, followed by Lisa Henning from Missouri

    Each of these players has done great things already, and watch the box scores for their names each week.  McVey had 50 – that is 50 digs in a match last week, only the 20th time that has EVER been done!