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    The Rotation with Phil Bush

    By Phil Bush
    SEC Digital Network

    ATLANTA - I was doing commentary this past week at Texas A&M, my first trip to one of the new members of the Southeastern Conference.  The Aggies are impressive in person.  They have a deep and veteran team on which every starter is part of the offensive attack.  It's also known for the following:

    The 12th Man is alive and well. They were right behind our broadcast position, and are "in" to the match from first serve to final point.

    The A&M band was great, again right behind our position.

    Reed Arena is a great venue, and they block off one end zone so the crowd stays at the sidelines - Smart move that all who play in "big" arenas should do!

    More on A&M in a moment, they are just outside of the top-25  right now.

    This coming week, on FS South, I will be calling a match featuring the other new member of the conference, Missouri- these Tigers visit Ole Miss and I am looking forward to seeing them play. The match will be on the FSN networks at 8 p.m. ET.  As the saying goes, check your local listings.

    There are seven teams in the SEC inside top 50 in RPI right now:
    13 - Florida
    18 - Kentucky
    20 - Arkansas
    21 - Tennessee
    24 - Texas A&M
    45 - Auburn
    47 - Missouri

    All of these teams are in the mix to win the conference title but, more importantly, to go to the NCAA Tournament.  Any time you have a match with two of these teams together, it can get very intense very fast. Ask Tennessee and Missouri what was easy about their 3-2 Match or Florida and Kentucky's 3-2 match?  Nothing is easy in the SEC.
    Watch these matches if you can get to them.
    The SEC in the national picture:  There are three conferences that are ahead of the SEC top to bottom: Pac 12, Big 12, and the Big 10.  Not surprisingly, these are the only three Conferences that the SEC does not have a winning record against.  However, the SEC has continued to make strides.  Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia have second-year coaches and have made strides based on their RPI. I think the overall conference will continue to improve.  The coaches in the conference are amongst the best, and I can see further improvements in multiple areas.

    More specifically:
    Team Stats Superlatives:
    Team                     Category                Rank:
    Texas A&M               Assists Per Set         3
    Missouri                Blocks per Set          24
    Mississippi State       Digs Per Set            28
    Florida                 Hitting Percentage      5
    Texas A&M               Kills Per Set           3

    That is every team category and all of the SEC is in the middle of the high end of the NCAA Division I statistics.