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    SEC Releases 2013 Conference Football Schedule

    Team-By-Team Schedule (PDF)
    Week-By-Week Schedule (PDF)
    SEC Football Schedule Q&A: Mark Womack

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Oct. 18, 2012) – The Southeastern Conference has announced its 14-team conference game schedule for the 2013 season.  SEC games are scheduled for each week of the regular season.
    Each SEC institution will release its own complete 12-game schedule.  The schedule is subject to change based on television selections.
    The first conference game of the 2013 season will be during the first weekend of the regular season when Ole Miss visits Nashville to take on Vanderbilt.
    The 2013 schedule is considered a “bridge” schedule and not based on any other previous or future scheduling formats.  The SEC Athletics Directors will convene in Spring 2013 to begin formulating schedules for the 2014 season and beyond.
    “As we began working on the 2013 football schedule, it became apparent that the conference would need another year of the ‘bridge’ schedule to make everything work,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.  “I appreciate the SEC transition team and our athletics directors, who came together to put this schedule in place.  We look forward to starting with our new scheduling rotation in 2014.”
    The eight-game conference schedule consists of six games played inside the division and two games against teams from the opposite division.  The cross-divisional common opponents that were previously announced by the conference will not take place until 2014.
    In order to maintain a balanced schedule for the 2014 season and beyond, there are three games that will have repeat hosts from the 2012 schedule.  Those games are Ole Miss at Alabama, Texas A&M at Ole Miss and Georgia at Auburn.
    "There were so many variables in dealing with conference games, and the three repeat venue games, while not desired, provided the only solution to the complex scheduling issues,” said Slive.
    The 2013 schedule has 14 playing weekends which provides for two open dates for each institution.  
    The 2013 SEC Championship Game will be played on Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

    You can view the entire schedule, along with team-by-team and week-by-week breakdowns below.

    2013 SEC Football Schedule (Conference Games Only)

    Aug. 31

    Ole Miss at Vanderbilt

    Sept. 7
    South Carolina at Georgia

    Sept. 14
    Alabama at Texas A&M
    Mississippi State at Auburn
    Vanderbilt at South Carolina

    Sept. 21
    Auburn at LSU
    Tennessee at Florida

    Sept. 28
    Ole Miss at Alabama
    Texas A&M at Arkansas
    Florida at Kentucky
    LSU at Georgia

    Oct. 5
    Arkansas at Florida
    Ole Miss at Auburn
    Georgia at Tennessee
    Kentucky at South Carolina
    LSU at Mississippi State
    Missouri at Vanderbilt

    Oct. 12
    Alabama at Kentucky
    South Carolina at Arkansas
    Florida at LSU
    Missouri at Georgia
    Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Oct. 19
    Arkansas at Alabama
    Auburn at Texas A&M
    Florida at Missouri
    Georgia at Vanderbilt
    South Carolina at Tennessee
    LSU at Ole Miss

    Oct. 26
    Tennessee at Alabama
    Kentucky at Mississippi State
    South Carolina at Missouri
    Vanderbilt at Texas A&M

    Nov. 2
    Auburn at Arkansas
    Georgia vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
    Mississippi State at South Carolina
    Tennessee at Missouri

    Nov. 9
    LSU at Alabama
    Arkansas at Ole Miss
    Auburn at Tennessee
    Vanderbilt at Florida
    Missouri at Kentucky
    Mississippi State at Texas A&M

    Nov. 16
    Alabama at Mississippi State
    Georgia at Auburn
    Florida at South Carolina
    Kentucky at Vanderbilt

    Nov. 23
    Mississippi State at Arkansas
    Kentucky at Georgia
    Texas A&M at LSU
    Missouri at Ole Miss
    Vanderbilt at Tennessee

    Nov. 30
    Alabama at Auburn
    Arkansas at LSU
    Tennessee at Kentucky
    Ole Miss at Mississippi State
    Texas A&M at Missouri

    * - Saturday dates listed / Subject to change based on television selections


    2013 SEC Football Schedule (Conference Games Only)


    Sept. 14: at Texas A&M
    Sept. 28: OLE MISS
    Oct. 12: at Kentucky
    Oct. 19: ARKANSAS
    Oct. 26: TENNESSEE
    Nov. 9: LSU
    Nov. 16: at Mississippi State
    Nov. 30: at Auburn

    Sept. 28: TEXAS A&M
    Oct. 5: at Florida
    Oct. 19: at Alabama
    Nov. 2: AUBURN
    Nov. 9: at Ole Miss
    Nov. 30: at LSU

    Sept. 21: at LSU
    Oct. 5: OLE MISS
    Oct. 19: at Texas A&M
    Nov. 2: at Arkansas
    Nov. 9: at Tennessee
    Nov. 16: GEORGIA
    Nov. 30: ALABAMA

    Sept. 21: TENNESSEE
    Sept. 28: at Kentucky
    Oct. 5: ARKANSAS
    Oct. 12: at LSU
    Oct. 19: at Missouri
    Nov. 2: vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)
    Nov. 9: VANDERBILT
    Nov. 16: at South Carolina

    Sept. 28: LSU
    Oct. 5: at Tennessee
    Oct. 12: MISSOURI
    Oct. 19: at Vanderbilt
    Nov. 2: vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
    Nov. 16: at Auburn
    Nov. 23: KENTUCKY

    Sept. 28: FLORIDA
    Oct. 5: at South Carolina
    Oct. 12: ALABAMA
    Oct. 26: at Mississippi State
    Nov. 9: MISSOURI
    Nov. 16: at Vanderbilt
    Nov. 23: at Georgia
    Nov. 30: TENNESSEE

    Sept. 21: AUBURN
    Sept. 28: at Georgia
    Oct. 5: at Mississippi State
    Oct. 12: FLORIDA
    Oct. 19: at Ole Miss
    Nov. 9: at Alabama
    Nov. 23: TEXAS A&M
    Nov. 30: ARKANSAS

    Aug. 31: at Vanderbilt
    Sept. 28: at Alabama
    Oct. 5: at Auburn
    Oct. 12: TEXAS A&M
    Oct. 19: LSU
    Nov. 9: ARKANSAS
    Nov. 23: MISSOURI
    Nov. 30: at Mississippi State

    Sept. 14: at Auburn
    Oct. 5: LSU
    Oct. 26: KENTUCKY
    Nov. 2: at South Carolina
    Nov. 9: at Texas A&M
    Nov. 16: ALABAMA
    Nov. 23: at Arkansas
    Nov. 30: OLE MISS

    Oct. 5: at Vanderbilt
    Oct. 12: at Georgia
    Oct. 19: FLORIDA
    Nov. 2: TENNESSEE
    Nov. 9: at Kentucky
    Nov. 23: at Ole Miss
    Nov. 30: TEXAS A&M

    Sept. 7: at Georgia
    Sept. 14: VANDERBILT
    Oct. 5: KENTUCKY
    Oct. 12: at Arkansas
    Oct. 19: at Tennessee
    Oct. 26: at Missouri
    Nov. 16: FLORIDA

    Sept. 21: at Florida
    Oct. 5: GEORGIA
    Oct. 26: at Alabama
    Nov. 2: at Missouri
    Nov. 9: AUBURN
    Nov. 23: VANDERBILT
    Nov. 30: at Kentucky

    Sept. 14: ALABAMA
    Sept. 28: at Arkansas
    Oct. 12: at Ole Miss
    Oct. 19: AUBURN
    Oct. 26: VANDERBILT
    Nov. 23: at LSU
    Nov. 30: at Missouri

    Aug. 31: OLE MISS
    Sept. 14: at South Carolina
    Oct. 5: MISSOURI
    Oct. 19: GEORGIA
    Oct. 26: at Texas A&M
    Nov. 9: at Florida
    Nov. 16: KENTUCKY
    Nov. 23: at Tennessee

    * - Saturday dates listed / Subject to change based on television selections