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    The Rotation with Phil Bush

    Several topics to get to this week to properly set the stage for the latter half of the season.  The month of November is going to be very interesting and will not lack drama.

    First, anytime you get any two of these teams paired up, it is going to be a good match.  If any combination of Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas or Texas A&M are in action, I would encourage you to get to the match.

    Now a couple of things at once:
    •    RPI and matches that matter
    •    Top players and teams on the national level

    The updated RPI rankings are:
    •    11.    Florida
    •    15.        Kentucky
    •    19.    Tennessee
    •    23.    Arkansas
    •    26.    Texas A&M
    •    52.        Georgia
    •    54.    Missouri
    •    55.    Auburn

    When it comes to matches that matter, there a number!
    •    Georgia at Florida: A very difficult assignment for any team to beat the Gators in the O’Connell Center.  Georgia needs to play very well to show that it belongs in the NCAA Tournament
    •    Arkansas at Auburn: Important on both sides as Auburn looks to move up and Arkansas wants to solidify their standing
    •    Georgia at Auburn: Both teams with similar goals in mind, so it will be very interesting to see how they square off
    •    Arkansas at Texas A&M: The Aggies won in five sets in Fayetteville- how will the Razorbacks respond?

    And lest we forget…
    •    Tennessee at Florida: The defending SEC Champs bring their new look offense to the O’Connell Center.  How will these two teams match up in what could be a very important match not only now, but longer term?

    The SEC on the national front:  I think this speaks volumes to the type of athlete that is in the SEC in 2012!

    Assists per Set
    •    Taylor Brauneis – Florida - #19 in the nation

    Hitting Percentage:
    •    Chloe Mann – Florida - #4 in the nation
    •    Tangerine Wiggs – Florida - #9 in the nation

    Kills per set:
    •    Lisa Henning – Missouri-  #11 in the nation
    •    Kelsey Robinson – Tennessee - #19 in the nation

    Points Per set:
    •    Lisa Henning – Missouri-  #8 in the nation
    •    Kelsey Robinson – Tennessee - #11 in the nation

    This speaks to the caliber of player that is in the SEC.  Remember, there 300 Division I teams so to be in the top 1% of players in a category is very, very impressive!

    Hope that you enjoy this, and feel free to respond if you have specific topics you want to see covered!