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    SEC Volleyball Blog – Week 9 – 11/9/2012

    There are a number of items to mention this week:

    •    Ashley Frazier – Leading all candidates for the 2012 Senior Class Award – Your Vote Counts!
    •    Updates to the RPI
    •    Key matches this week that can have Postseason Impact

    First you know how it is a clich├ę to say “Every Vote Counts”?  Well in this case it does!  Got to:

    Kentucky’s Ashley Frazier is the only SEC candidate and you can vote for her each day.  Here is the brief on it from the NCAA:

    Ten NCAA® women’s volleyball student-athletes who excel both on and off the court were selected as finalists today for the 2012 Senior CLASS Award® in collegiate volleyball. To be eligible for the award, a student-athlete must be classified as an NCAA Division I senior and have notable achievements in four areas of excellence – community, classroom, character and competition.

    Let’s help Ashley as only the SEC Fans can!

    Let’s look next at the RPI for this week.  Look at the ones that are highlighted:

    •    13. Florida
    •    17. Kentucky
    •    20. Tennessee
    •    24. Texas A&M
    •    26. Arkansas
    •    51. Auburn
    •    52. Missouri
    •    53. Georgia

    •    70. LSU

    The first five, in my estimation, are in the NCAA tourney. The next three are bubble teams!  Georgia also makes a case for most improved team in the conference this year.  They had a big win over Missouri to tighten up the race!

    LSU has also improved their play a lot in the last several weeks.  It leaves us with some very interesting match-ups for this week. Not to mention that in both the East and West Divisions, nine teams are all close together as the season comes down to the wire. Not surprisingly, these are the same nine teams listed in the RPI above.

    So, what will be interesting this week- just about all of them will be!

    •    Texas A&M at Auburn: A chance for the Tigers to keep moving up, and another chance for the Aggies to show that they are very worthy of the respect that they have gotten.
    •    Florida at Missouri: A very tough test for these Tigers, as Florida is used to being in tough matches on the road.
    •    LSU at Georgia: Two teams that want to keep moving up in the RPI and in their Division.
    •    Kentucky at Arkansas: Close in RPI, will the Wildcats continue to do well on the road?  This will be a great match with a lot of great gamesmanship – See it on Fox Sports Net and affiliated networks!
    •    Texas A&M at Georgia: This will be a hard end of the road trip for the Aggies.  Can Georgia keep winning?  This will be on CSS, and absolutely worth the time to tune in.
    •    LSU at Missouri: Hard, no matter how you slice it.  Will Missouri feel the effects of a tough match on Friday, and will LSU suffer from what may be a very tough match with the Bulldogs in Athens?

    Hope that you enjoy this, and feel free to respond if you have specific topics you want to see covered!