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    SEC Equestrian Championship: Day One

    Auburn, South Carolina Advance To Vie For SEC Equestrian Championship

    Auburn vs. Texas A&M Scoresheet | South Carolina vs. Georgia Scoresheet

    AUBURN, Ala. – Top-seeded Auburn and second-seeded South Carolina will vie for the first-ever Southeastern Conference equestrian championship on Saturday at 2 p.m. CT after winning their semifinal match-ups on Friday at the Auburn University Horse Center.

    The Gamecocks (7-6) defeated third-seeded Georgia (8-5), 10-7 on Friday, while the Tigers (11-2) topped fourth-seeded Texas A&M (5-7), 11-8.

    Saturday’s championship tilt between Auburn and South Carolina will take place at 2 p.m. CT at the Auburn University Horse Center, while Georgia and Texas A&M will meet in the consolation round at 10 a.m. CT Saturday.

    Auburn defeated Texas A&M 11-8, with the Tigers winning 7-3 in hunter seat and the Aggies winning 5-4 in Western. The Tigers’ Indy Roper earned MVP honors in both horsemanship and reining. Auburn swept the MVP honors with Christina Lin winning over fences and Hasbrouck Donovan claiming honors on the flat.

    South Carolina beat Georgia 10-7 with the Gamecocks claiming an 8-2 win in hunter seat and the Bulldogs winning 5-2 in Western. South Carolina’s Katherine Schmidt was the MVP over fences, while Kimberly McCormack was the MVP on the flat. The Gamecocks’ Johnna Letchworth won the MVP honor in horsemanship, while Georgia’s Jackie Hoyt was the MVP in reining.

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    Auburn head coach Greg Williams

    On today’s meet…
    (Texas A&M) has one of the best Western teams in the country. We knew in order to secure a win, we’d need to rely on our Hunt Seat side, and they delivered huge. I was really happy with most of our rides on the Western end. I’m feeling really good about our Western squad right now. As I’ve said all year, as a team, we are extremely hard to beat. When one (discipline) dips a little bit, the other will be there to bail them out, and I love that.”

    On what it meant to win all four MOP awards…
    “This has been an incredible senior class, but at a meet like this, to pick up all of them, I turned to both of the assistant coaches and said, ‘We just got all Most Outstanding Player awards in our first SEC round.’ That was unbelievable. There was no way that I ever could have thought that was going to happen. I think we’re set and ready for tomorrow. We just need to make sure that if we bring our game, I wouldn’t have to coach against them.”

    On what he’s looking for his team to do to prepare for the championship round tomorrow…
    “Hosting these events, they are just exhausted, so one thing is I just want them to go home and get some sleep. I just want them to enjoy this for a moment, enjoy it at dinner and then get focused and get really ready for the job at hand tomorrow. I don’t think they’re going to need help with that. They’ve been ready for this. They just have to get enough rest so that they really want it. They’re just getting to where they’re peaking, and so far, it’s working well.”

    Georgia head coach Meghan Boenig

    On today’s meet…
    “Of course we were extremely disappointed in the results today. There are some highlights, certainly with the Western reining squad doing so well at the very end and in the fact that our Western team won today. On the Hunt Seat side, we made some mistakes and errors that we have not made all semester, and what an unfortunate and terrible time for them to happen. We have to challenge ourselves now to learn from this quickly so that we can put it in place for tomorrow and to use it for the national championship. South Carolina rode great. We expected nothing less of them, and they met that expectation. Our riders and their plans didn’t come through, so they’re hurting right now. I know what’s coming tomorrow is that we’re going to be seeing some great scores.”

    South Carolina head coach Boo Major

    On today’s meet…
    “I just think that we came in as a group, and everybody was committed to doing their best. Not that Georgia wasn’t; Georgia is an excellent team. I just think everybody came in, and we were all on the same page. Everybody’s been really united whether they rode or they were helping in the barn, and they’ve been that way all week this week. Everybody’s just really been positive and looking forward to this weekend, and I think that probably, for me, made the difference that we really wanted it. We’ve had kind of an up-and-down spring, so I think it was really great for us to get in there and be pretty solid today.”

    On what she’s looking for going into the championship round against Auburn…
    “I think that we have to ride aggressively. I think that we can’t go in and think that it’s going to be easy because it’s not. I think we’re going to stick to our plan, and we’re going to keep the same plan. We’ll see if we can continue to be successful. I think that these girls have put enough into this that they’re going to pull it out if they can, and we’ll see what happens. Auburn’s a great team. They’re going to try to do the same thing. They have a little bit of an advantage because it’s on their home court, but I think that we’re going to do the best we can.”

    Texas A&M head coach Tana McKay

    On today’s meet…
    “It was a great competition for the first SEC (Championship). I thought it ran really well. I felt like our girls rode well. We had a few mistakes that we kind of need to clean up and work on, but the SEC is going to be tough. They’ve been national champions for the last few years, so it’s nothing but the toughest.”

    On what adjustments her team will make to prepare for the consolation round tomorrow…
    “We’ll be doing some video review tonight of the horses after we do the draw, making different game plans for different types of horses and making some adjustments for the different patterns and tests that we’ll see tomorrow. I think everybody’s kind of settled in. It was a long trip and different facilities for us, but hopefully we can take care of the mental mistakes that we made and move forward to another competition with Georgia.”

    Auburn Western rider, Indy Roper

    On winning both Western MOP awards…
    “I didn’t expect it at all, I can tell you that. Obviously Texas A&M is a really strong Western team. For me, it’s just an honor. I think it comes from the support I had behind me. All those girls, the cheering, it was definitely an upbeat environment today, and I tried to thrive off that.”

    On what adjustments the team will make going into the championship round against South Carolina…
    “I don’t think that we rode perfectly today. Obviously there were some bobbles and mistakes in the horsemanship. The reining we can always improve. We can ride better tomorrow, and it’s a tough South Carolina team. Every meet has been close, so it’s really going to come down to who can put it together and just be clean. We have to be really accurate tomorrow.”

    Auburn 11, Georgia 8 (Friday, March 29, 2013 – Auburn, Ala.)

    Equitation Over Fences – Auburn 4, Texas A&M 1
    Christina Lin, Auburn
    Quincy Hayes (Auburn) def. Emily Williams (Texas A&M), 142-134
    Marlena Parker (Texas A&M) def. Elizabeth Benson (Auburn), 165-163
    Hasbrouck Donovan (Auburn) def. Kori Pickett (Texas A&M), 160-154
    Jennifer Waxman (Auburn) def. Haley Buchmiller (Texas A&M), 158-50
    Christina Lin (Auburn) def. Shelby Lawson (Texas A&M), 169-143

    Equitation On The Flat – Auburn 3, Texas A&M 2
    Hasbrouck Donovan, Auburn
    Haley Buchmiller (Texas A&M) def. Christina Lin (Auburn), 142-136
    Hasbrouck Donovan (Auburn) def. Paige Russell (Texas A&M), 156-146
    Jennifer Delman (Auburn) def. Marlena Parker (Texas A&M), 158-135
    Lindsay Portela (Auburn) def. Kelsi Shevlin (Texas A&M), 149-145
    Hannah Williams (Texas A&M) def. Elizabeth Benson (Auburn), 142-123

    Horsemanship – Texas A&M 3, Auburn 2
    Indy Roper, Auburn
    Cassie Mantor (Texas A&M) def. Katsy Leeman (Auburn), 148-144.5
    Carey Nowacek (Texas A&M) def. Stephanie Rucci (Auburn), 146-133.5
    Griffin Knight (Auburn) def. Molli Jacobs (Texas A&M), 152-132
    Amanda Brightwell (Texas A&M) def. Katie Buff (Auburn), 148-143.5
    Indy Roper (Auburn) def. Caroline Ammons (Texas A&M), 152.5-142

    Reining – Auburn 2, Texas A&M 2
    Indy Roper, Auburn
    Stephanie Rucci (Auburn) def. Hannah Jechow (Texas A&M), 143.5-142
    Katsy Leeman (Auburn) tied Ashley Skold (Texas A&M), 137.5-137.5
    Lindsey Bernbaum (Texas A&M) def. Cheyenne Cracraft (Auburn), 143-140.5
    Laura Sumrall (Texas A&M) def. Hailey Munger (Auburn), 140-139.5
    Indy Roper (Auburn) def. Becca Murray (Texas A&M), 142-136

    South Carolina 10, Georgia 7 (Friday, March 29, 2013 – Auburn, Ala.)

    Equitation Over Fences – South Carolina 4, Auburn 1
    Katherine Schmidt, South Carolina
    Sarah Milliren (Georgia) def. Sally Henry (South Carolina), 161-154
    Samantha Smith (South Carolina) def. Abby O’Mara (Georgia), 162-149
    Katherine Schmidt (South Carolina) def. Olivia Dorey (Georgia), 165-149
    Amber Henter (South Carolina) def. Kylee Arbuckle (Georgia), 161-150
    Kimberly McCormack (South Carolina) def. Carly Anthony (Georgia), 158-157

    Equitation On The Flat – South Carolina 4, Auburn 1
    Kimberly McCormack, South Carolina
    Sally Henry (South Carolina) def. Megan Southam (Georgia), 148-127
    Samantha Smith (South Carolina) def. Grace Rogers (Georgia), 144-142
    Katherine Schmidt (South Carolina) def. Kylee Arbuckle (Georgia), 153-151
    Kimberly McCormack (South Carolina) def. Caitlyn Francis (Georgia), 153-0
    Carly Anthony (Georgia) def. Amber Henter (South Carolina), 138-125

    Horsemanship – Georgia 2, South Carolina 1
    Johnna Letchworth, South Carolina
    Anna Sasser (Georgia) def. Alison Ceresani (South Carolina), 149.5-141.5
    Kelsey Urban (South Carolina) tied Paige Stawicki (Georgia), 138.5-138.5
    Sam Chiodo (South Carolina) tied Maria Salazar (Georgia), 149-149
    Johnna Letchworth (South Carolina) def. Megan Hawkins (Georgia), 153-132
    Sara Parr (Georgia) def. Katie Kopf (South Carolina), 150-138.5

    Reining – Georgia 3, South Carolina 1
    Jackie Hoyt, Georgia
    Lauren Tieche (Georgia) def. Amanda Pope (South Carolina), 142-140.5
    Layla Choate (South Carolina) tied Becca Haaland (Georgia), 140-140
    Jackie Hoyt (Georgia) def. Audrey Jewell (South Carolina), 144-142
    McKenzie Lantz (Georgia) def. Cody McMillion (South Carolina), 136.5-136
    Sarah Bouchard (South Carolina) def. Sami Belcher (Georgia), 136.5-135