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    Gus Malzahn: 'Most of Our Stuff in Now' After Five Practices

    April 3, 2013

    By Charles Goldberg

    AUBURN -- Gus Malzahn demands speed and pace, so it's little wonder that the spring playbook is in force after just five practices.  

    "We've got most of our stuff in now. We should start seeing improvement," Malzahn said Wednesday.  

    The Tigers turned up the action late in practice with, as Malzahn said, "tackle football." Malzahn the first real test will be in a full-scale scrimmage Saturday in Jordan-Hare Stadium.  

    "We'll let them play in game-type situations," Malzahn said.  

    After that, he said, "we'll re-evaluate, catch our breath as coaches and make sure we've got the guys in the right positions."  

    Malzahn called Wednesday a "good physical practice" with a "little bit of install, a little bit of correction." 

    "I told the guys after practice we've got a long way to go," Malzahn said. "The great thing is the next couple of practices we should see improvement. 

    "We're trying to get them to think like we want to them to think. We're trying to get them to play like we want them to play."  

    ."We're being very physical...we're asking a lot out of them." 

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