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    SEC Announces Men's Tennis Awards

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The 2013 men’s tennis first and second team All-SEC, All-Freshman team, and the yearly awards have been announced by the conference office.

    South Carolina head coach Josh Goffi was named SEC Coach of the Year, Tennessee’s Mikelis Libietis garnered SEC Player of the Year honors, Mississippi State’s Romain Bogaerts was named SEC Freshman of the Year, while Alabama’s Daniil Proskura was named Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

    Ties are not broken which resulted in a 14 member first-team and a 15 member second-team.

    A complete list of the awards follows.

    Coach of the Year: Josh Goffi, South Carolina
    Player of the Year: Mikelis Libietis, Tennessee
    Freshman of the Year: Romain Bogaerts, Mississippi State
    Scholar Ahtlete of the Year: Daniil Proskura, Alabama

    All-SEC First Team

    Andreas Mies, Auburn
    Nathan Pasha, Georgia
    KU Singh, Georgia
    Ben Wagland, Georgia
    Tom Jomby, Kentucky
    Anthony Rossi, Kentucky
    Jonas Lutjen, Ole Miss
    Nik Scholtz, Ole Miss
    Romain Bogaerts, Mississippi State
    Mikelis Libietis, Tennessee
    Hunter Reese, Tennessee
    Jeremy Efferding, Texas A&M
    Gonzales Austin, Vanderbilt
    Ryan Lipman, Vanderbilt

    All-SEC Second Team
    Jarryd Botha, Alabama
    Becker O'Shaughnessey, Alabama
    Daniel Cochrane, Auburn
    Florent Diep, Florida
    Stephane Piro, Florida
    Chris Simpson, LSU
    Stefan Szacinski, LSU
    William Kallberg, Ole Miss
    Malte Stropp, Mississippi State
    Andrew Adams, South Carolina
    Tsvetan Mihov, South Carolina
    Thiago Pinheiro, South Carolina
    Jarryd Chaplin, Tennessee
    Harry Adams, Texas A&M
    Shane Vinsant, Texas A&M

    All-Freshman Team
    Becker O'Shaughnessey, Alabama
    Ben Wagland, Georgia
    Romain Bogaerts, Mississippi State
    Harry Adams, Texas A&M
    Shane Vinsant, Texas A&M
    Kris Yee, Vanderbilt