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    SEC Outdoor Championships: Day Two

    By: Sean Cartell
    Twitter: @SEC_Sean
    SEC Digital Network

    Friday Results (PDF) | Championship Central

    COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Florida men and the Arkansas women lead the Southeastern Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships on Friday, following the second day of competition at Audrey J. Walton Stadium on the campus of the University of Missouri.

    The Florida men hold the lead through three events with 35 total team points, while Arkansas is second with 25 and Georgia is third with 17. Missouri (15) and Texas A&M (7) round out the top-five teams on the men’s side through the opening two days.

    Arkansas leads the women’s standings through three events with 21 total team points, while LSU is second with 17 and Georgia is third with 16. Florida (14) and Kentucky (12) round out the women’s top-five through the meet’s first two days.

    Arkansas senior Makeba Alcide claimed her second career SEC women’s heptathlon title, winning the event with a seven-event total of 5,968. Alcide’s final score was an Arkansas school record, an Audrey J. Walton Stadium facility record and was one point shy of the SEC record of 5,969 set by Sharon Jaklofsky in 1991. During the course of the seven events, Alcide also charted an SEC heptathlon meet record and an SEC overall meet record in the women’s high jump at 1.88m/6-2. Mississippi State’s Erica Bougard was second in the heptathlon with a score of 5,786, while Georgia’s Lucie Ondraschkova was third with a total of 5,627.

    Georgia junior Elizabeth Tepe claimed the SEC women’s hammer throw title with a personal-best toss of 61.98m/203-4. It was the fourth consecutive women’s hammer throw title for the Bulldogs, as Nikola Lomnicka won three in a row from 2010-12. The crown marked the ninth for Georgia in the women’s hammer throw since 2000. LSU’s Denise Hinton was second with a throw of 61.58m/202-0, while Auburn’s Daina Levy was third with a toss of 59.50m/195-2.

    Georgia true freshman Maicel Uibo turned in the world’s third-best score this year to capture the men’s decathlon with a total of 7,781 points. He became the first true freshman to win the event since Florida’s Gray Horn took home the title in 2009. Uibo accomplished a 202-point victory in the event to give the Bulldogs their first title in that event since David Lemen in 2002. Arkansas’ Kevin Lazas was second with a score of 7,579, while teammate Nathanael Franks was third with 7,520 points.

    Florida’s Jimmy Clark won the SEC men’s 10,000-meter championship in a time of 29:44.54 to become the first person in UF history to claim the event since Mike Blaney in 1987. It was the fifth all-time men’s SEC 10K championship in program history. Arkansas’ Solomon Haile was second in 29:47.90, while Missouri’s Max Storms was third in 29:49.92.

    Kentucky’s Chelsea Oswald took home the SEC women’s 10,000-meter title in an SEC-record time of 33:38.35. Oswald, who became the first person in school history to win an SEC 10K title since Kristi Orre in 1989, also set an Audrey J. Walton Stadium facility record en route to that victory. Arkansas’ Semehar Tesfaye was second in the women’s 10K in 33:49.78, while Florida’s Florence Ngetich was third in 33:56.13.

    The third day of the SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships begins Saturday at 1 p.m. CT at Audrey J. Walton Stadium. Find complete championship schedules and information on the SEC Web site here:

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    SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships (Columbia, Mo. – May 10, 2013)

    Men’s Team Standings (through three events): 1. Florida 35; 2. Arkansas 25; 3. Georgia 17; 4. Missouri 15; 5. Texas A&M 7; T6. Alabama 6; T6. Auburn 6; 8. Tennessee 4; T9. Ole Miss 1; T9. LSU 1.

    Women’s Team Standings (through three events): 1. Arkansas 21; 2. LSU 17; 3. Georgia 16; 4. Florida 14; 5. Kentucky 12; 6. Mississippi State 8; 7. Vanderbilt 7; 8. Auburn 6; T9. Ole Miss 5; T9. Texas A&M 5; 11. Missouri 4; 12. Alabama 2.

    Women’s Heptathlon (final results): 1. Makeba Alcide, AR (5,968); 2. Erica Bougard, MS (5,786); 3. Lucie Ondraschkova, UG (5,627); 4. Mary Nall, UM (5,397); 5. Jena Hemann, TAMU (5,378); 6. Lorraine Graham, UF (5,239); 7. Jennifer Cannon, VU (5,183); 8. Annie Kunz, TAMU (5,141); 9. Therese Jernbeck, LS (5,136); 10. Morgan Whitson, MU (4,922); 11. Lacey Dent, UA (4,824); 12. Kaitlyn Moreau, LS (4,811); 13. Kelcy Vanarsdall, MU (4,621).

    Women’s Heptathlon Long Jump: 1. Erica Bougard, MS (6.01m/19-8); 2. Lucie Ondraschkova, UG (5.87m/19-3); 3. Lorraine Graham, UF (5.76m/18-10); 4. Mary Nall, UM (5.65m/18-6); 5. Makeba Alcide, AR (5.64m/18-6); 6. Lacey Dent, UA (5.57m/18-3); 7. Annie Kunz, TAMU (5.55m/18-2); 8. Morgan Whitson, MU (5.50m/18-0); 9. Therese Jernbeck, LS (5.41m/17-9); 10. Jennifer Cannon, VU (5.27m/17-3); 11. Jena Hemann, TAMU (5.20m/17-0); 12. Kaitlyn Moreau, LS (5.17m/16-11); 13. Kelcy Vanarsdall, MU (4.86m/15-11).

    Women’s Heptathlon Javelin: 1. Jena Hemann, TAMU (41.59m/136-5); 2. Morgan Whitson, MU (39.11m/128-3); 3. Mary Nall, UM (38.13m/125-1); 4. Lucie Ondraschkova, UG (37.65m/123-6); 5. Makeba Alcide, AR (34.32m/112-7); 6. Therese Jernbeck, LS (33.95m/111-4); 7. Jennifer Cannon, VU (33.21m/108-11); 8. Erica Bougard, MS (32.53m/106-8); 9. Kaitlyn Moreau, LS (28.87m/94-8); 10. Lacey Dent, UA (27.70m/90-10); 11. Kelcy Vanarsdall, MU (22.40m/73-6); 12. Annie Kunz, TAMU (22.38m/73-5); 13. Lorraine Graham, UF (20.10m/65-11).

    Women’s Heptathlon 800m: 1. Therese Jernbeck, LS (2:13.58); 2. Makeba Alcide, AR (2:13.66); 3. Kelcy Vanarsdall, MU (2:16.64); 4. Erica Bougard, MS (2:17.82); 5. Mary Nall, UM (2:18.93); 6. Lucie Ondraschkova, UG (2:19.30); 7. Jennifer Cannon, VU (2:23.30); 8. Annie Kunz, TAMU (2:24.00); 9. Jena Hemann, TAMU (2:25.36); 10. Lorraine Graham, UF (2:29.89); 11. Morgan Whitson, MU (2:31.59); 12. Kaitlyn Moreau, LS (2:33.56); 13. Lacey Dent, UA (2:34.75).

    Men’s Decathlon (final results): 1. Maicel Uibo, UG (7,781); 2. Kevin Lazas, AR (7,579); 3. Nathanael Franks, AR (7,520); 4. Ser Whittaker, MU (7,047); 5. Garrett Scantling, UG (6,943); 6. Devon Williams, UG (6,765); 7. Parker Shearer, AU (6,661); 8. Peyton Moss, UM (6,543); 9. Matt Kirbos, AR (6,401); 10. Julius Sommer, AR (5,479).

    Men’s Decathlon 110m Hurdles: 1. Garrett Scantling, UG (14.49); 2. Maicel Uibo, UG (14.78); 3. Ser Whitaker, MU (14.87); 4. Julius Sommer, AR (14.95); 5. Devon Williams, UG (15.03); 6. Kevin Lazas, AR (15.19); 7. Parker Shearer, AU (15.42); 8. Peyton Moss, UM (15.56); 9. Nathanael Franks, AR (15.59); 10. Matt Kirbos, AR (16.43).

    Men’s Decathlon Discus: 1. Julius Sommer, AR (43.06m/141-3); 2. Maicel Uibo, UG (41.32m/135-6); 3. Garrett Scantling, UG (41.15m/135-0); 4. Kevin Lazas, AR (40.57m/133-1); 5. Nathanael Franks, AR (40.27m/132-1); 6. Ser Whitaker, MU (37.95m/124-6); 7. Devon Williams, UG (35.35m/115-11); 8. Parker Shearer, AU (34.76m/114-0); 9. Matt Kirbos, AR (32.72m/107-4); 10. Peyton Moss, UM (31.73m/104-1).

    Men’s Decathlon Pole Vault: 1. Kevin Lazas, AR (4.85m/15-11); 2. Maicel Uibo, UG (4.75m/15-7); 3. Peyton Moss, UM (4.25m/13-11); 4. Nathanael Franks, AR (4.25m/13-11); 5. Matt Kirbos, AR (4.05m/13-3); 6. Devon Williams, UG (3.95m/12-11); 7. Parker Shearer, AU (3.75m/12-3); 8. Ser Whitaker, MU (3.55m/11-7).

    Men’s Decathlon Javelin: 1. Ser Whitaker, MU (60.18m/197-5); 2. Garrett Scantling, UG (58.83m/193-0); 3. Maicel Uibo, UG (57.15m/187-6); 4. Kevin Lazas, AR (55.19m/181-1); 5. Nathanael Franks, AR (51.66m/169-6); 6. Julius Sommer, AR (50.42m/165-5); 7. Devon Williams, UG (47.97m/157-4); 8. Parker Shearer, AU (47.83m/156-11); 9. Matt Kirbos, AR (47.31m/155-2); 10. Peyton Moss, UM (43.91m/144-0).

    Men’s Decathlon 1,500m: 1. Nathanael Franks, AR (4:23.16); 2. Parker Shearer, AU (4:51.13); 3. Peyton Moss, UM (4:53.96); 4. Maicel Uibo, UG (4:58.59); 5. Ser Whitaker, MU (5:02.76); 6. Kevin Lazas, AR (5:07.88); 7. Devon Williams, UG (5:16.09); 8. Garrett Scantling, UG (5:16.77); 9. Julius Sommer, AR (5:22.67); 10. Matt Kirbos, AR (5:33.14).

    Women’s Hammer Throw (top-eight finishers): 1. Elizabeth Tepe, UG (61.98m/203-4); 2. Denise Hinton, LS (61.58m/202-0); 3. Daina Levy, AU (59.50m/195-2); 4. Jayla Bostic, UF (59.09m/193-10); 5. Karen Henning, LS (56.52m/185-5); 6. Cortni Ervin, MU (55.57m/182-4); 7. Lee Stowers, UA (54.53m/178-11); 8. Megan Collins, MU (54.29m/178-1).

    Men’s 800m Prelims (qualifiers): 1. Charles Grethen, UG (1:48.94); 2. Sean Obinwa, UF (1:49.45); 3. Keffri Neal, UK (1:49.51); 4. Hector Hernandez, TAMU (1:49.72); T5. Daniel Grass, UG (1:50.03); T5. Leoman Momoh, AR (1:50.03); 7. Kisean Smith, UG (1:50.05); 9. Blake Irwin, MU (1:50.81).  

    Women’s 800m Prelims (qualifiers): 1. Natoya Goule, LS (2:05.38); 2. Charlene Lipsey, LS (2:06.16); 3. Megan Malasarte, UG (2:06.87); 4. Nijgia Snapp, UT (2:06.98); 5. Kianna Ruff, UT (2:07.24); 6. Stephanie Brown, AR (2:07.36); 7. Allison Peare, UK (2:07.90); 8. Yanique Malcolm, UA (2:08.48).

    Men’s 200m Prelims (qualifiers): 1. Ameer Webb, TAMU (20.30); 2. Isiah Young, UM (20.71); 3. Prezel Hardy, TAMU (20.85); 4. Aaron Ernest, LS (20.86); 5. Diondre Batson, UA (20.91); 6. Marek Niit, AR (20.98); 7. Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, LS (21.06); 11. Hugh Graham, UF (21.15).

    Women’s 200m Prelims (qualifiers): 1. Kimberlyn Duncan, LS (22.88); 2. Felicia Brown, UT (23.24); 3. Kamaria Brown, TAMU (23.34); 4. Ashton Purvis, TAMU (23.41); 5. Tynia Gaither, UG (23.48); 6. Regina George, AR (23.49); 7. Kai Selvon, AU (23.64); 8. Olivia Ekpoke, TAMU (23.67).

    Men’s 400m Hurdles Prelims (qualifiers): 1. Scottie Hearns, MS (51.02); 2. Jermaine Collier, SC (51.91); 3. Gregory Coleman, TAMU (52.04); 4. Caleb Cross, AR (52.14); 5. Drew Branch, UG (52.48); 6. Keith Hayes, UK (52.55); 7. Quincy Downing, LS (52.77); 8. Kadesh Roberts, UF (52.85).

    Women’s 400m Hurdles Prelims (qualifiers): 1. Ugonna Ndu, UF (56.55); 2. Nikita Tracey, LS (57.70); 3. Tyler Brockington, SC (58.52); 4. Tamera Harris, SC (58.65); 5. Donique Flemings, TAMU (58.71); 6. Sparkle McKnight, AR (59.03); 7. Amani Bryant, UF (59.18); 11. Ocian Archer, MS (1:00.24).

    Men’s 10,000m Run (top-eight finishers): 1. Jimmy Clark, UF (29:44.54); 2. Solomon Haile, AR (29:47.90); 3. Max Storms, MU (29:49.92); 4. Josh Izewski, UF (29:56.62); 5. Samuel Mueller, AU (30:09.72); 6. Layne Nixon, AR (30:17.35); 7. James Hodges, TAMU (30:19.79); 8. Peter Okwera, UT (30:26.98).

    Women’s 10,000m Run (top-eight finishers): 1. Chelsea Oswald, UK (33:38.35); 2. Semehar Tesfaye, AR (33:49.78); 3. Florence Ngetich, UF (33:56.13); 4. Laura Carleton, LS (34:01.65); 5. Elizabeth Anderson, VU (34:12.98); 6. Diane Robison, AR (34:30.93); 7. Cally Macumber, UK (34:44.34); 8. Grace Orders, VU (34:48.05).


    Makeba Alcide - Arkansas - Heptathlon - 5,968 pts.
    “It was important for me to get 10 points for my team so I was happy to do that for my teammates and get the first score of the weekend for them. They look to me to get things going so I’m glad to come through with my performance. I was also able to get the ‘B’ standard for World Championships and got a PR in the 800 (meters) to end the day, so I’m very happy with that.”

    Maicel Uibo - Georgia - Decathlon - 7,781
    "It was great to win in my first year.  My teammate, Garrett Scantling, won the heptathlon title indoors so Georgia swept the multis this year.  It's a great feeling to bring this back to Georgia, even though I didn't score what I wanted.  But a win is a win.  With the NCAA Championships coming up now, I will be just trying to line up everything and hopefully the results I want will come with that."

    Elizabeth Tepe - Georgia - Hammer - 61.98m (203-4)
    "It was a struggle to make the transition that I did from being in the Marine Corps before college to civilian life since there are many differences.  But there are also a lot of differences with being an athlete.  You have to have discipline and are exposed to many different things.  You also have to be able to travel and meet a variety of people so there are actually many similarities with my life now and back then in the Marines.  I feel like I am super lucky to be at Georgia and I could not have asked for a better season so far in my first year at Georgia.  Having this type of experience is a huge accomplishment."

    Jimmy Clark - Florida - 10k - 29:44.54
    “If you’re confident, anything is possible.”

    Chelsea Oswald - Kentucky - 10k - 33:38.35
    “I’m obviously very excited this is my first outdoor SEC Championship ever so I’m happy to be competing here and the win makes everything 100 times better.  I think this was just a big confidence booster and stepping stone. It was my first 10k ever and I know how it feels and I know how I should feel and I think I was pretty comfortable that race and I think I can run faster.”