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    Marshall Law: Ramblin' Around ...

    June 20, 2013

    New Auburn baseball coach Sunny Golloway took the high road in response to angry, bitter and classless words from Braves' broadcaster and former Oklahoma All-American Joe Simpson.

    I won't dignify Simpson's words by repeating them here, but I will say the quotes from him in The Oklahoman newspaper were way over the line, especially for one in the public eye. Here is how Golloway responded:

    "It hurts. You wonder what you did wrong. You must've done things to offend people. You shed tears over it, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on."

    Considering Golloway's glittering record at Oklahoma and earlier at Oral Roberts, hateful talk from Simpson and a handful of others sounds a lot like sour grapes to me.

    Golloway had his first team meeting with Auburn players on Wednesday. ...

    Some leftovers from my interview with Jay Prosch, Auburn's powerhouse H-back:

    * Prosch said he was blindsided by the struggles that led to a 3-9 record last season, but he said he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

    "It was definitely not what I was expecting," Prosch said. "I got here and everything was good. The season started, and it was rough. You can't really say why or what happened. It was just a mixture of things. You can't blame it on anybody. It's nobody's fault. There were just a bunch of different developments that came together.

    "Looking back now, it's a little be easier to say it was leadership and guys not putting all their effort into it. In the moment, we wanted to win. Nobody wanted to lose. I would say it was confusing and frustrating for everybody."

    But those days have been put to rest.

    "I'm and Auburn man, " Prosch said. "I love Auburn and I'm looking forward to this year."

    * Prosch credits much of his success to what he does off the field. He says Phil Lazenby, now the head coach at Bayside High School, pointed him in the right direction at UMS-Wright Middle School. And Brandon Deen helped him keep going once he reached high school.

    "Coach Lazenby was my offensive line coach when I was in middle school, but he was also my strength coach," Prosch said. "He taught me my fundamentals. He was really into working hard and putting everything you have on the field 

    "Once I got in high school, it was the same kind of thing with Coach Deen. I learned from him about work ethic. A lot of my football success comes from success in the weight room. He really instilled a lot of that into me."

    * Having been through the Southeastern Conference once, Prosch says he is convinced Auburn has the same kind of talent as the teams it plays against.

    "I believe so," Prosch said. "A lot goes into making a player. I'm a big believer in heart. We definitely have the ability to win." ...

    So Arkansas coach Bret Beliema believes the NCAA should change the rules to slow down up-tempo offenses, huh? What a ridiculous notion.

    What Beliema really should have said:

    "We can't figure out how to stop the things, so we need to change the rules and make everybody play the way I like to play.

    You can't figure out how to stop it, so outlaw it? That's a unique approach. ...

    How strong is the SEC on the recruiting trail? Auburn is No. 14 nationally in ESPN's recruiting rankings for the class that will sign next February. And No. 8 in the SEC.

    Of course, recruiting rankings don't mean much in June. ...

    Did you see that former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville has signed a rugby player from Australia to a football scholarship at Cincinnati? Twenty-year-old Lindsay Crook, who has never played a down of football, is enrolled in school and on the Bearcats' roster.t

    It was a given that Auburn coach Tony Barbee and his staff would go hunting for a point guard after Jerome Seagears decided to return to Rutgers. It looks like they might have found a good one in 6-foot-3 junior college transfer Malcolm Canada.

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