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    Marshall Law: A dozen predictions for football season

    July 11, 2013

    Summer seems to be the time for lists, lists and more lists. Look around the Internet and you'll find people ranking all the teams in the FBS, top to bottom. They'll rank the quarterbacks, the cornerbacks, the wide receivers, the coaches, you name it.

    I guess those things must get hits, even though they don't mean much of anything. They don't mean much. Really, they don't mean anything.

    How can one person legitimately rank all the teams playing FBS football before they even play a game? He can't. I mean, how do you decide who is No. 71 and who is No. 74. What do you base it on? How can someone in Alabama rank the best quarterbacks nationwide or someone in California rank the best running backs nationwide? They can't, at least not with any real legitimacy.

    But in the spirit of the summer, just for fun, I came up with a list of my own. Following are a dozen predictions for the coming football season. If you want to hold on to your money, don't bet on any of them.

    1. Auburn will win at least seven games in Gus Malzahn's first season, maybe more.

    2. The SEC will win its eighth consecutive national championship, but no SEC team will have a perfect record.

    3. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel not only won't win another Heisman Trophy, he won't make All-Southeastern Conference.

    4. Auburn will win at least one game nobody gives it a chance to win.

    5. Ted Roof, in his first season at Georgia Tech, will continue to show that he got too much blame and not enough credit in his three seasons at Auburn.

    6. In his third season with the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton will answer his doubters once and for all.

    7. Auburn defensive tackles Angelo Blackson, Jeff Whitaker and Gabe Wright will finally break through and have a big season.

    8. Vanderbilt's moment in the sun is already over. Yes the Commodores won nine games last season, but they didn't beat anybody of consequence. And they have fewest returning starters in the SEC.

    9. Bret Beliema won't win many games in his first season at Arkansas. If he doesn't get rid of his Big Ten thinking, he won't many games at Arkansas, period.

    10. Tennessee will score some points but will be gosh awful on defense again in Butch Jones' first season.

    11. Mississippi State will finish near the bottom of the SEC West, and someone will still proclaim that Dan Mullen is a great coach.

    12. Auburn left tackle Greg Robinson will have an All-SEC season.

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