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    Marshall Law: Media jinx, a recruiting tale and more

    July 12, 2013

    Ramblin' around ...

    Preseason polls in general don't mean much, but how those attending SEC Media Days next week predict the 2013 order of finish will be worthy of a different kind of attention.

    Whoever is picked to win the 2013 SEC championship probably won't win it.

    In the 21 seasons the league broke into two divisions in 1992, the SEC Media Days favorite has gone to win the championship all of four times. Only seven times has the preseason favorite even won its division. ...

    Auburn punter Steven Clark was a finalist for the Ray Guy Award in 2011 and a semifinalist last season. Clark is known for his high punts and his ability to drop the ball inside the 20.  But as he heads toward his senior season, he wants more.

    "I feel like I've still got a lot of room to grow, even getting it inside the 10," Clark said. "I'm really looking forward to the season. One last go-around." ...

    College football recruiting has changed dramatically over the years. These days, prospects frequently spend their summers traveling the country and taking unofficial visits. Many commit even before their senior seasons start.

    It wasn't that way in early 1961 when a big, strong and fast running back from Hollywood, Fla., visited Auburn. It's safe to say there hasn't been another arrival on campus quite like he experienced that day.

    As he arrived at Sewell Hall from the Montgomery airport, Tucker Frederickson, who would become one of Auburn's all-time greats, didn't know what to say. He opened one he thought was his suitcase. To his shock, three bottles of James Daniels whiskey rolled out of the suitcase and on to the carpet.

    Quarterback Bobby Hunt looked on, whistled and turned to one of the coaches. "Now this, Hunt said, "is the kind of guy we've been needing to recruit all along."

    Frederickson had picked up the wrong bag at the airport, one that looked identical to his. It was quite a start to his Auburn football career.

    "I figured they'd tell me to go home right then," Frederickson said later, laughing at the memory.

    There was no chance of that. ...

    Texas Tech associate AD Blayne Beal was searching hard the other day when he tweeted this:

    "Diff betwn Big 12 & SEC Media Day? Big 12 players will look around room realizing they can beat/lose to any team in league. Not case in SEC,"

    Uh, OK. Kansas? Iowa State? Beat anybody? Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops started this silliness when he called the SEC's dominance "propaganda."

    Maybe if they say it enough they'll start to believe it. ...

    Convicted tree poisoner Harvey Updyke took a shot at Auburn and Lee County in a defiant Facebook post on Thursday. What a sad, sad man. ...

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