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    Marshall Law: Korvotney Barber did it the right way

    July 22, 2013

    Korvotney Barber signed to play basketball with Auburn because he loved the place.

    A McDonald's All-American from Manchester, Ga., Barber could have gone almost anywhere to play college basketball. In 2005, he chose Auburn, where Jeff Lebo was heading toward his second season, over Kentucky.

    Until his senior year, Barber was the best player on teams that weren't very successful. In the 2007-2008, after playing in just 10 games, he suffered a broken bone in his left hand and was lost for the season. He played six minutes too long to qualify or a redshirt year. Finally, in 2009, he led the Tigers to 24 wins and a 10-6 SEC record. They didn't get the NCAA Tournament bid they deserved, but Barber went out the way he deserved to go out.

    The tragic news came Sunday that Barber's body had been found in Panama City. The father of two young children, he apparently drowned Saturday evening.

    As the news got out, Barber's former teammates took to Twitter and other outlets to express their feelings for the man almost everyone knew as "Vot." They didn't talk about great moves to the basket or about an undersized center who often dominated inside. They talked about a brother in a very real sense, about a teammate who was always here for them on the court or off, about a guy who worked hard and never complained.

    Now, at 26 years old, he's gone.

    When you cover college athletics for as long as I have, you see guys who do it the right way and guys who don't. Barber was for sure one of the guys who did it right.

    Korvotney Barber had a positive impact on the lives he touched. And that says a lot about a man who left his family and his friends much too soon.

    Moving on:

    A  group of Florida International football players found a unique way to find trouble last week. They all stripped down to the buff to use an outdoor shower. FIU coach Ron Turner issued a public apology. No one was arrested.

    Here's an even better one. Florida Antonio Morrison was arrested for barking at a police dog. Morrison told officers that the dog barked at him fist. I never new barking at a police dog was a crime. ...

    Auburn co-offensive coordinator Dameyune Craig is No. 1 in the 247Sports recruiter rankings. At his alma mater, Craig is building on the reputation he gained in three seasons at Florida State. ...

    Former Georgia assistant trainer Dean Crowell, who told the NCAA that players returned to games after concussions told The Athens Banner-Herald he was referring to opposing teams, not Georgia.

    So let me get this straight. Crowell knew from across the field what opponents were doing and knew it so certainly that he told the NCAA?


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