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    The Rotation With Phil Bush

    SEC Volleyball Blog – Week 3 – 10/04/2013
    By: Phil Bush
    SEC Digital Network

    It’s conference time.

    Conference play is underway.

    Topics for this week:

    •    Conference Strength and Power Rankings
    •    Significant Wins and Losses
    •    Key Matches This Week

    Conference Strength and Power Rankings

    The current power ranks for SEC teams – out of 300-plus Division I schools is:

    6.  Florida
    7.  Missouri
    31.  Texas A&M
    33.  Kentucky
    42.  LSU
    44.  Georgia
    48.  Arkansas
    70.  Auburn
    87.  Alabama
    109.  Ole Miss
    116.  South Carolina
    134.  Mississippi State
    162.  Tennessee

    Significant Win and Losses include:

    • Florida has beaten Stanford and Florida State. They have only dropped three sets all year  - keep that in mind. The Texas A&M match should be very interesting.
    • Missouri is undefeated. Keeping with the “sets” theme- they have only lost three sets all year, and dropped only one at Arkansas on Wednesday. They host Auburn this week and that will be interesting.  
    • Alabama beat Auburn at Auburn 3-1 - big win for the Tide.
    • Kentucky has played a very challenging early-season schedule. Six teams that are way up the Power Ranking tree - including beating then No. 4 Minnesota
    • LSU has also played a great schedule, including back-to back matches at a very tough Miami (FL) team.  Not to mention that the defending national champion and No. 4-ranked Texas comes to Baton Rouge on Saturday. Win or lose, LSU’s power ranking will go up from here.
    • Texas A&M had the distinction of playing three ranked teams in a row: Florida State, Michigan and Colorado State, including a win over Florida State.  
    • Georgia is also hot - with an 11-3 record, with the only losses coming at Nebraska, at Kansas, and at Texas A&M. Another challenging schedule has led to a big rise in Power Ranking.

    Key Matches for the Week:

    Two have already taken place with Alabama and Missouri winning on the road at Auburn and Arkansas, respectively.

    • Auburn at Missouri – Can the Mizzou keep it going?
    • Texas A&M at Florida – This is always hard to prep for, but the Aggies get to start their road trip at Gainesville.
    • No. 4 Texas at LSU – Not a conference match, but what a great one for the Tigers to play.
    • Florida at Alabama – The Tide is much improved - how much?  We will find out.
    • Auburn at Arkansas – back part of a tough road trip for the Tigers.

    As I always say, if you have questions or suggested topics for The Rotation, please let me know.