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    The Rotation With Phil Bush

    SEC Volleyball Blog – Week 4 – 10/18/2013

    By: Phil Bush
    SEC Digital Network

    Topics for this week:

    •    Conference Strength and Power Rankings
    •    Key Matches This Week

    Conference Strength and Power Rankings

    The current power rankings for Southeastern Conference teams – out of 300+ Division I Schools is:

    3.  Florida
    12.  Missouri
    16.  LSU
    22.  Kentucky
    26.  Arkansas
    27.  Georgia
    50.  Texas A&M
    56.  Alabama
    88.  Ole Miss
    93.  Auburn
    111. South Carolina
    118.  Mississippi State
    140.  Tennessee

    What this means is that anyone who is in the 50 or so is setting themselves up for a positive rest of season.  It also means when anyone in top part of the rankings plays another team, it’s time to break out the popcorn.

    Top Conference Performers:

    If you think this is all about how great the SEC is, but it is in a vacuum, guess again.

    Team Performances (number is national ranking):

    • Missouri – #2 in assists per set, #1 in hitting percentage, and #3 in kills per set- yes, the Missouri offense is deadly – Molly Kreklow leads the way for the Tigers.
    • Tennessee #2 in digs per set – Ellen Mullins is that good.
    • Mississippi State - #10 in digs per set.
    • Florida - #6 in assists per set, #2 in hitting percentage and #3 in kills per set – Taylor Brauneis is the star here. (Note to all: Sunday’s match of Florida at Missouri is one to keep track of.)

    Individual Performances:

    • Molly Kreklow, Missouri: #2 in assists per set
    • Taylor Brauneis, Florida: #7 in assists per set
    • Sierra Wilson, Alabama, #8 in assists per set
    • Briana Holman, LSU: #5 in blocks per set
    • Chloe Mann, Florida: #1 in hitting percentage
    • Whitney Little, Missouri #2 in hitting percentage
    • Alex Holston, Florida: #5 in hitting percentage

    (Do the math, folks: three of the top five hitters in the country are in the SEC.)

    • Juliette Thevenin, South Carolina, #5 in kills per set

    So, we can talk all we want to about strong or not in the nation- as the saying goes: Numbers don’t lie.

    Key Matches for the Week:

    All of these matches have one thing in common: Every team on this is in or right at the top 50 in the nation in power ranking.  All of these matches will be good, and I think nearly all of them will go at least four sets, if not the full five.

    • Texas A&M at Alabama
    • Florida at Arkansas
    • Georgia at Missouri
    • LSU at Alabama
    • Georgia at Arkansas
    • Florida at Missouri

    Florida and Georgia have really hard weekends on the road.

    Missouri, Arkansas, and Alabama have really hard weekends at home.

    As I will always say, if you have questions or suggested topics for The Rotation, please let me know.