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    The Rotation With Phil Bush: Blog Number Eight

    SEC Blog No. 8
    By: Phil Bush
    SEC Digital Network
    This week, I will be doing two blogs.  This one, then a special one to focus on the Fabulous Freshmen of the SEC.
    For now, it was another great week. A few things we saw:
       • Mississippi State is getting better- ask Alabama after the hard fought 3-1 win over the Bulldogs in Tuscaloosa.
       • Florida brought it on the road! At LSU and Texas A&M after a tough pair of Gator wins- the 16-14 five-set win for Florida is an instant classic
       • Tennessee is also getting better- Lost to Georgia 3-1, but they keep fighting!
       • Missouri keeps rolling along, and the November 15 match in Gainesville against the Gators looms large!
    It’s about time for me to launch into my annual rant!
    Current NCAA Volleyball RPI Rankings:
    3.  Florida
    6.  Missouri
    12. Kentucky (Moving up despite a loss to Missouri)
    26.  LSU (Moving up despite a loss to Florida – Anyone see a theme here?)
    31.  Georgia
    34.  Arkansas
    41.  Alabama
    54.  Texas A&M (Moving up as well!)
    67.  Auburn (Another jump up)
    I still maintain that seven SEC schools are in contention for NCAA Berths.  No guarantee, but the SEC, like the Pac 10, Big 12, and the Big 10, is a bona fide snake pit for road teams!
    Upsets, but that is the nature of playing VERY tough competition in the conference.
    Also, just for the record, here are the ONLY conferences in the country that the SEC has a losing record against:
    Big 12 3-8
    ACC 8-9
    Against the aforementioned other two “power” conferences:
    Big 10 3-3
    Pac 12 1-1
    This week brings some more great matches that I think you should go and see or watch them on-line if you can:
       • Ole Miss at Mississippi State: Only ONE meeting this year so bragging rights will come quickly this time around!
       • Arkansas at Alabama: Two teams with NCAA aspirations meet up, and it is VERY Close
       • Missouri at Auburn: Missouri is undefeated and that is what you need to know.  I expect Auburn to bring out a CROWD for this match!
       • LSU at UGA: VERY tight match in terms of RPI – tough road trip for these Tigers!
       • Ole Miss at UT: UT is getting better- but this is another tough contest for them!
       • Missouri at Alabama: Hard for the Tigers with two straight tough road games- but these Tigers have taken on all and have not been slowed down!
       • Arkansas at Auburn: Can Auburn keep ascending in the RPI?
       • LSU at Kentucky: Kentucky is very tough at home, and will want to get back to winning after losing to Missouri last week
    I stand by the notion of SEVEN SEC Teams in the NCAA Mix.  I expect a bunch more TIGHT matches this week!