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    The Rotation With Phil Bush: Blog Number Nine

    The Fabulous Freshmen of the SEC

    With help from Chevonne Mansfield in the SEC office, I wanted to highlight the great freshman class.

    The SEC is going head to head with other top programs in the nation and are winning battles on the court - but it has to start with recruiting.

    Although there are many to discuss, here are some of the names and what they are doing:

    • Krystal Rivers - Alabama
    • Alex Holston - Florida
    • Briana Holman - LSU
    • Kimmy Gardner - Mississippi State
    • Carly Kan - Missouri

    It is kind of hard to know where to start, but since we keep individual scoring for players through the league statistics, that is what I think we have to do here!

    The one thing to know above all else: The SEC has a VERY bright volleyball future. These are not the only players of course, but they do stand out. Here you go:

    • Krystal: She is Number 9 in the country in hitting percentage. Not in the SEC - in the country. (Look for a theme here!) And number 3 in the SEC - she is also number 5 in points scored!
    • Alex: Number 13 in the country in hitting percentage. She is number 4 in the SEC in this category as well!

    For both of these young ladies, this is exceptional. It is unusual for freshmen to be this high up the list, as it is almost always older, more experienced players in this category. Not so much this year!

    • Briana: The new Queen of the Block leads the SEC in this category and is number 9 in the country in this category. She is also number 7 in the SEC in points - it's not only about blocking, she attacks and serves well!

    Again, not an area you see many young players, but this is one young lady who came to block!

    • Kimmy: Number 3 in the nation in kills per set. She is also one of the top point scorers, being number 3 in points in the SEC. She has a great future in front of her!
    • Carly: Number 5 in aces, and around the league leaders in points as well. She is part of this dynamic Missouri team that is 27-0 - yes, undefeated - going into this weekend!

    These young ladies represent a next generation of great players, and they will only get better as time goes on. Watch their stats you will be impressed!