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    Sec Blog #12
    Congratulations to Missouri – at 33-0, this is the Tigers’ first SEC Championship, and it is well deserved!
    Current National Rankings:
    4 – Missouri
    6 – Florida 
    17 – Kentucky
    Sad to say, but it really is all about the rankings now!
    Current RPI for the top teams:
    4 – Florida
    5 – Missouri
    9 – Kentucky
    32 – Texas A&M
    33 – Alabama
    34 – LSU
    37 – Arkansas
    40 – Georgia
    I will likely get in trouble, but all of these teams are amongst the top 64 in the nation. Some have got BIG matches starting tonight that may affect whether they make the tourney or not, and where they will be seeded.
    So, looking at the list:
    Arkansas at Missouri – It may be a match where the score is not an issue so much as how Arkansas plays against these Tigers.
    Auburn at Georgia – Georgia may be on the bubble and will need to play very well, so the Committee has this score in mind going into Selection Time!
    Florida at Kentucky – What a way for both teams to end the season! Both teams are in the tourney, but this could very well affect seeding
    LSU at Ole Miss – Ole Miss plays very well at home. These Tigers cannot afford any letdown; I think they are in, but late season stumbles affect teams.
    Alabama at LSU – Two teams very close in the rankings, and they need to play like it as the SEC regular season comes to a close.