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    SEC Swimming and Diving Championships: Day Two

    By: Sean Cartell
    Twitter: @SEC_Sean
    SEC Digital Network

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    ATHENS, Ga. – The Auburn men and Georgia women continue to hold the lead following the second day of the Southeastern Conference Swimming and Diving Championships, which took place Wednesday in front of 1,289 fans at the Gabrielsen Natatorium.

    The Georgia women have won each of the seven events that have been contested so far at the SEC Championship and have tallied 577 total team points. Florida is second with 421 points, while Texas A&M is third with 417 points.

    The Auburn men are currently in first place with 574 total team points, while Florida is second with 451.5 and Georgia is third with 414.

    Georgia’s Brittany MacLean captured the women’s 500-yard freestyle event, doing so in an SEC meet-record time of 4:34.63. She broke the previous meet record of 4:34.87, set by former Florida standout Caroline Burckle in 2008. It was the second title for Georgia in that event in the last three years, as Amber McDermott won in 2012. It was a 1-2-3 finish for Georgia in the event, as Shannon Vreeland was second in 4:34.73 and McDermott was third in 4:35.00.

    Florida’s Dan Wallace won the men’s 500-yard freestyle with a school record and SEC meet-record time of 4:10.73. His time shattered the previous SEC meet record of 4:11.36, set by Florida’s Conor Dwyer in 2011. It was the first title for the Gators in the event since Dwyer won back-to-back in 2010 and 2011. Florida’s Mitch D’Arrigo was second in 4:12.73, while Georgia’s Matias Koski, the 2013 SEC Champion in the event, was third in 4:14.96.

    Georgia’s Melanie Margalis broke her own SEC meet record en route to winning the women’s 200-yard individual medley in a time of 1:52.87. It bested her time of 1:54.55 that previously set the SEC record last year. Georgia has won three of the last four SEC women’s 200-yard IM titles. Florida’s Elizabeth Beisel, the 2012 champion in the event, was second in a school-record time of 1:54.26, while Texas A&M’s Erica Dittmer was third in 1:55.58.

    Florida’s Sebastien Rousseau captured the men’s 200-yard individual medley in 1:42.22, giving the Gators their eighth SEC title in the last 10 years in that event. For Rousseau, it was his first career SEC title. Teammate Marcin Cieslak was second in 1:42.34, while Georgia’s Chase Kalisz was third in 1:42.53.

    Georgia’s Olivia Smoliga claimed the women’s 50 freestyle event in a time of 21.54. Teammate Maddie Locus was second in 21.67, while Tennessee’s Faith Johnson was third in 21.84.

    Florida’s Bradley deBorde took home the men’s 50 freestyle crown, winning in 18.88, giving him his second title in that event in the last three years. He became the first Florida athlete to break 19 seconds in the event. Auburn’s Marcelo Chierighini, the 2013 SEC Champion in that event, was second in 19.18, while Auburn’s Kyle Darmody was third in 19.21.  

    Auburn’s John Santeiu captured the program’s first 1-meter diving SEC title since Kelly Marx did so in 2010. Santieu recorded a winning score of 395.25. Tennessee’s Mauricio Robles was second at 395.20, while Auburn’s Fraser McKean was third at 390.45.

    Georgia defended its SEC title in the women’s 200-yard freestyle relay, clocking a winning time of 1:27.09 with the quartet of Olivia Smoliga, Maddie Locus, Jessica Graber and Chantal Van Landeghem. Tennessee was second in 1:28.37 and Texas A&M was third in 1:28.48.

    Auburn won its 12th consecutive SEC men’s 200-yard freestyle relay in a time of 1:15.98, using the quartet of Marcelo Chierighini, James Disney-May, TJ Leon and Kyle Darmody. Alabama was second in 1:16.26, while Florida was third in 1:16.88.

    Day three of the 2014 SEC Swimming and Diving Championships begins on Thursday at 10 a.m. ET with the prelims and 6 p.m. ET with the finals. Thursday’s final events will be streamed live at

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    2014 SEC Swimming and Diving Championships: Day Two (February 19, 2014 – Athens, Ga.)

    Wednesday Finals Results

    Men’s Team Scores (through 8 events):
    1. Auburn 574; 2. Florida 451.5; 3. Georgia 414; 4. Texas A&M 296; 5. Tennessee 289; 6. Alabama 285; 7. Missouri 266; 8. South Carolina 251; 9. Kentucky 239; 10. LSU 208.5

    Women’s Team Scores (through 7 events): 1. Georgia 577; 2. Florida 421; 3. Texas A&M 417; 4. Tennessee 312; 5. Arkansas 217; 6. Missouri 199; 7. LSU 191; 8. Alabama 183; 9. Auburn 181; 10. Kentucky 156; 11. South Carolina 109; 12. Vanderbilt 94.

    Women’s 500 Freestyle (A final)
    1. Brittany MacLean, UG (4:34.63); 2. Shannon Vreeland, UG (4:34.73); 3. Amber McDermott, UG (4:35.00); 4. Cammile Adams, AM (4:35.67); 5. Sarah Henry, AM (4:36.53); 6. Danielle Valley, UF (4:39.00); 7. Rachel Zilinskas, UG (4:39.31); 8. Jessica Thielmann, UF (4:41.89).

    Men’s 500 Freestyle (A final)
    1. Dan Wallace, UF (4:10.73); 2. Mitch D’Arrigo, UF (4:12.73); 3. Matias Koski, UG (4:14.96); 4. Will Freeman, UG (4:17.10); 5. Marwan El Kamash, SC (4:17.41); 6. Andrew Gemmell, UG (4:17.69); 7. Arthur Frayler, UF (4:18.17); 8. Zane Grothe, AU (4:19.01).

    Women’s 200 Individual Medley (A final)
    1. Melanie Margalis, UG (1:52.87); 2. Elizabeth Beisel, UF (1:54.26); 3. Erica Dittmer, AM (1:55.58); 4. Annie Zhu, UG (1:57.47); 5. Ashley McGregor (1:57.49); 6. Lindsey McKnight, UF (1:58.61); 7. Hali Flickinger, UG (1:58.63); 8. Ashlee Lin, UF (1:58.70).

    Men’s 200 Individual Medley (A final)
    1. Sebastien Rousseau, UF (1:42.22); 2. Marcin Cieslak, UF (1:42.34); 3. Chase Kalisz, UG (1:42.53); 4. Nic Fink, UG (1:43.03); 5. Eduardo Solaeche-Gomez, UF (1:43.24); 6. Ty Stewart, UG (1:44.03); 7. Tristan Slater, UT (1:44.84); 8. Simon Frank, AM (1:45.85).

    Women’s 50 Freestyle (A final)
    1. Olivia Smoliga, UG (21.54); 2. Maddie Locus, UG (21.67); 3. Faith Johnson, UT (21.83); 4. Natalie Hinds, UF (21.91); 5. Erica Dittmer, AM (21.98); 6. Lilli Ibanez Lopez, AM (22.07); 7. Allyx Purcell, AU (22.15); 8. Ellese Zalewski, UF (22.30).

    Men’s 50 Freestyle (A final)
    1. Brad deBorde, UF (18.88); 2. Marcelo Chierighini, AU (19.18); 3. Kyle Darmody, AU (19.21); 4. Kristian Gkolomeev, UA (19.23); 5. BJ Hornikel, UA (19.45); 6. Luke Percy, UT (19.52); 7. TJ Leon, AU (19.60); 8. James Disney-May, AU (19.69).

    Men’s 1-Meter Diving
    1. John Santeiu, AU (395.25); 2. Mauricio Robles, UT (395.20); 3. Fraser McKean, AU (390.45); 4. Ford McLiney, AM (389.65); 5. David Bonuchi, MU (389.40); 6. Greg Ferrucci, UK (384.50); 7. Clark Thomas, MU (377.25); 8. Cole Miller, SC (367.85); 9. Adam Ruiz, AM (323.30).

    Women’s 200 Freestyle Relay
    1. Georgia (1:27.09) – Smoliga, Locus, Graber, Van Landeghem; 2. Tennessee (1:28.37) – Thompson, Johnson, Bruens, Gendron; 3. Texas A&M (1:28.48) – Ibanez Lopez, Larson, Bosma, Dittmer; 4. Auburn (1:28.63) – Bos, Purcell, Fonteno, Peacock; 5. Florida (1:28.70) – Zalewski, Russell, McKnight, Hinds; 6. Alabama (1:29.96) – Vourna, Scott, Panian, Kinsey; 7. Missouri (1:30.35) – Patterson, Barbiea, Doucette, Hammond; 8. Arkansas (1:30.54) – White, Drolc, Monroe, Cox; 9. LSU (1:31.34) – Carter, Troskot, Stirrat, White; 10. Kentucky (1:31.59) – Bechtel, Myers, Contino, Wilson; 11. South Carolina (1:33.29) – Raczkowski, Elliott, Vincent, Brown; 12. Vanderbilt (1:33.59) – Wang, Moran, Thomas, Martin.

    Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay
    1. Auburn (1:15.98) – Chierighini, Disney-May, Leon, Darmody; 2. Alabama (1:16.26) – Gkolomeev, Hornikel, Caciuc, Walsh; 3. Florida (1:16.88) – deBorde, Main, Werner, Curby; 4. Tennessee (1:17.11) – Percy, Rairden, Aberg Ledjstromstav, Tillman; 5. Texas A&M (1:17.32) – Troskot, Lindau, Bolleter, Schweitzer; 6. LSU (1:18.19) – Saco, Gonzalez, Linge, Crosson; 7. Missouri (1:18.20) – Mosley, Chadwick, Conroy, Tierney; 8. Georgia (1:18.64) – Trice, Fink, Powell, Reynolds; 9. Kentucky (1:18.84) – Bruck, Lott, Heidler, Gerotto; 10. South Carolina (1:20.22) – Clothier, Warner, Covert, Lethander.


    Post-Meet Quotes

    Dan Wallace
    University of Florida
    Men’s 500 Yard Freestyle Champion

    “Tonight was a really great night for us. I was really happy with my swim. I didn’t think I could go that fast but it was just all about the win, it wasn’t really about the time. It was really great to pick up a personal and also for my teammate to get second, it really helped out with the points.”

    Brittany MacLean
    University of Georgia
    Women’s 500 Yard Freestyle Champion

    “I’m really excited. This year has gone really well after a tough year last year. My coach never lost faith in me and neither did my teammates and that was the coolest thing for me. I owed it to them to suck it up for them this year. I couldn’t be happier. I’m happy with my swim but for me to go my best time is good news. I’m looking forward to using this momentum moving forward.”

    Melanie Margalis
    University of Georgia
    Women’s 200 Yard IM Champion

    “I always go into [a race] thinking that I just want to score as many points as I can for Georgia. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten excited about an individual race that I’ve been in just because of my time, but it does feel really good to perform the way that I wanted to perform.”

    Olivia Smoliga
    University of Georgia
    50 Yard Freestyle

    “I’m speechless. It’s really good to go one-two [with Maddie Locus] at a school that’s really not really known for its sprinting.”

    Auburn Diving Coach Jeff Shaffer
    Auburn University (Current Men’s Leader)

    "We knew we were going to finish the night really strong, but diving was such a big event for us. The way the boys moved up and with John getting the win; Fraser getting on the podium that was enormous. It really gives us a lot of confidence heading into tomorrow."

    Bradley deBorde
    University of Florida
    Men’s 50 Yard Freestyle Champion

    “It was a great win. I was inspired by my teammates today. A lot of us broke records and were involved in a lot of really close races so I was just in tune with the environment today.”

    John Santeiu IV
    Auburn University
    Men’s 1 Meter Diving Champion

    "It was very consistent, none of my dives were absurdbly crazy. Everything was steady. All of our divers are looking to be stay consistent heading into Friday's platform final."

    Maddie Locus
    University of Georgia
    Member of Winning Women’s 200 FS Relay Team

    “It’s so exciting. My coach just told me to be confident. We know from all of the training that we’re ready. We knew coming in that we were going to be great. We have worked really hard so it’s really exciting.”

    TJ Leon
    Auburn University
    Member of Winning Men’s 200 FS Relay Team

    "The 200 free relay is definitely one of our favorite races being NCAA Champions last year we just came in with a lot of confidencce with our four relay guys in the 'A' final of the 50 free. We came in with an attiude that we wouldn't be denied. Even though we got a little behind in the beginning, Kyle Darmody, the freshman, who's been tearing it up at this meet, brought it home with an 18.5 on that last leg."

    Senior Associate Head Coach Harvey Humphries
    University of Georgia (Current Women’s Leader)

    “There’s one thing that sums it up for the ladies: this is the first time I’ve been to an SEC championship meet where all the way through the end of two days and we’ve won every single event. That’s never happened for a school in 34 years, not as I can remember. I think it’s not really that as much as the attitude they have and how much they want to race. Every one of the girls know that they’re part of something special this year and they want to keep it going.”