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    SEC Swimming and Diving Championships: Day Four

    By: Sean Cartell
    Twitter: @SEC_Sean
    SEC Digital Network

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    ATHENS, Ga. – The Florida men and the Georgia women continue to hold the team leads at the 2014 Southeastern Conference Swimming and Diving Championships, heading into the final day at the Gabrielsen Natatorium on the campus of the University of Georgia.

    The final day of the 2014 SEC Swimming and Diving Championships begins on Saturday at 10 a.m. ET with the prelims and 4 p.m. ET with the finals. Saturday’s final events will be streamed live on ESPN3 (

    Florida holds the men’s team lead with 1097.5 total points, while Auburn is second with 1017.5 points and Georgia is third with 806 points.

    The Georgia women have held the team lead from the start and are in first place with 1098 points. Texas A&M is in second with 911, while Florida is third with 799.

    Texas A&M’s Cammile Adams defended her SEC title in the women’s 200 butterfly and broke her own SEC record in the process with a winning time of 1:52.19. Her own previous SEC record was 1:52.48, set at last season’s championship in College Station. Georgia’s Hali Flickinger was second in 1:53.62, while Texas A&M’s Carol McElhany was third in 1:54.87.

    After winning the men’s 200 freestyle last night, Florida’s Sebastien Rousseau returned to win the men’s 200 butterfly in an SEC-record time of 1:41.07. He becomes the first athlete to win both those titles in the same year since teammate Marcin Cieslak did so in 2012. Rousseau broke the SEC record of 1:41.35, set by Georgia’s Mark Dylla in 2011. Georgia’s Chase Kalisz was second in 1:41.74, while Cieslak was third in 1:41.75.

    Texas A&M’s Paige Miller captured the women’s 100 backstroke title for the second consecutive year, posting the nation’s second-fastest time of 50.91. Georgia’s Olivia Smoliga was second in 51.00, while Florida’s Sinead Russell was third in 51.69.

    Auburn’s Kyle Darmody won his team’s third consecutive SEC men’s 100 backstroke title after Kyle Owens was victorious in 2012 and 2013. Darmody clocked a winning time of 45.66 in the event. Georgia’s Taylor Dale was second in 45.98, while Tennessee’s Sam Rairden was third in 46.05.

    Texas A&M’s Breeja Larson broke her own SEC, NCAA and American records in the women’s 100 breaststroke to capture the event in a time of 57.28. She beat her own previous best time of 57.43 set at last season’s SEC Championship. Tennessee’s Molly Hannis was second in 58.22, while Alabama’s Kaylin Burchell was third in 59.17.

    Georgia’s Nic Fink broke an SEC record from 1997 en route to winning the men’s 100 breaststroke in a time of 51.25. The previous SEC record of 51.86 was set by Tennessee’s Jeremy Linn in 1997. Alabama’s Anton McKee was second in 51.70, while Florida’s Eduardo Solache-Gomez was third in 52.43.

    Texas A&M’s Ford McLiney won the men’s platform diving event with a score of 415.20 after claiming the 3-meter diving on Tuesday. He becomes the first athlete to win the SEC title in both the 3-meter and the platform in the same year since Auburn’s Dan Mazzaferro in 2011. Auburn’s Fraser McKean was second with a score of 413.25, while Kentucky’s Greg Ferrucci was third at 409.90.

    Texas A&M won the women’s 400 medley relay for the second consecutive year in a time of 3:29.03, using the quartet of Miller, Larson, Caroline McElhany and Liliana Ibanez Lopez. Georgia was second in 3:29.87, while Tennessee was third in 3:30.19.

    Auburn won a tightly contested men’s 400 medley relay for the third consecutive year and the 12th time in the last 14 years in a time of 3:05.38. The Tigers used the quartet of Darmody, Michael Duderstadt, Arthur Mendes and Marcelo Chierighini. Georgia was second in 3:05.55, while Florida was third in 3:05.65.

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    2014 SEC Swimming and Diving Championships: Day Four (February 21, 2014 – Athens, Ga.)

    Friday Finals Results

    Men’s Team Standings (through 16 events):
    1. Florida 1097.5; 2. Auburn 1017.5; 3. Georgia 806; 4. Missouri 572; 5. Tennessee 568; 6. Alabama 506; 7. Texas A&M 471; 8. LSU 425; 9. Kentucky 417; 10. South Carolina 416.

    Women’s Team Standings (through 15 events): 1. Georgia 1098; 2. Texas A&M 911; 3. Florida 799; 4. Tennessee 579; 5. Auburn 571; T6. LSU 393; T6. Alabama 393; 8. Missouri 378.5; 9. Arkansas 373; 10. Kentucky 313; 11. South Carolina 185; 12. Vanderbilt 147.5.

    Women’s 200 Butterfly (A final)
    1. Cammile Adams, AM (1:52.19); 2. Hali Flickinger, UG (1:53.62); 3. Carol McElhany, AM (1:54.87); 4. Christina Bechtel, UK (1:55.06); 5. Taylor Katz, UF (1:55.69); 6. Lauren Harrington (1:56.14); 7. Alex Merritt, AU (1:56.26); 8. Courtney Peters, UG (1:57.35).

    Men’s 200 Butterfly (A final)
    1. Sebastien Rousseau, UF (1:41.07); 2. Chase Kalisz, UG (1:41.74); 3. Marcin Cieslak (1:41.75); 4. Ty Stewart, UG (1:42.93); 5. Arthur Mendes, AU (1:43.01); 6. Frank Greeff, LS (1:43.95); 7. Dan Wallace, UF (1:43.98); 8. Andrew Phillips, MU (1:45.08).

    Women’s 100 Backstroke (A final)
    1. Paige Miller, AM (50.91); 2. Olivia Smoliga, UG (51.00); 3. Sinead Russell, UF (51.69); 4. Aubrey Peacock, AU (52.24); 5. Emily Bos, AU (52.37); 6. Caley Oquist, LS (52.67); 7. Sarah Reynolds, AU (52.75); 8. Lauren Solerno, UT (52.77).

    Men’s 100 Backstroke (A final)
    1. Kyle Darmody, AU (45.66); 2. Taylor Dale, UG (45.98); 3. Sam Rairden, UT (46.05); 4. Sean Lehane, UT (46.35); 5. Jack Blyzinskyj, UF (46.48); 6. Connor Oslin, UA (46.77); 7. Corey Main, UF (46.86); 8. James Disney-May, AU (47.00).

    Women’s 100 Breaststroke (A final)
    1. Breeja Larson, AM (57.28); 2. Molly Hannis, UT (58.22); 3. Kaylin Burchell, UA (59.17); 4. Sycerika McMahon, AM (59.35); 5. Ashley McGregor, AM (59.70); 6. Hilda Luthersdottir, UF (59.94); 6. Nikki Daniels, AR (1:00.18); 8. Bridget Blood, UA (1:00.42).

    Men’s 100 Breaststroke (A final)
    1. Nic Fink, UG (51.25); 2. Anton McKee, UA (51.70); 3. Eduardo Solache-Gomez, UF (52.43); 4. Michael Duderstadt, AU (52.67); 5. Sam Tierney, MU (53.03); 6. Matthew Elliott, UF (53.11); 7. Mark Conroy, MU (53.30); 8. George Greenhalgh, UK (53.74).

    Men’s Platform Diving
    1. Ford McLiney, AM (415.20); 2. Fraser McKean, AU (413.25); 3. Greg Ferrucci, UK (409.90); 4. David Bonuchi, MU (396.70); 5. Sean McKinney, LS (363.45); 6. Michael Beran, AU (359.20); 7. Mauricio Robles, UT (359.10); 8. John Santieu, AU (346.45).

    Women’s 400 Medley Relay (A final)
    1. Texas A&M (3:29.03) – Miller, Larson, McElhany, Ibanez Lopez; 2. Georgia (3:29.87) – Smoliga, Margalis, Harrington, Vreeland; 3. Tennessee (3:30.19) – Solernou, Hannis, Gendron, Johnson; 4. Florida (3:31.07) – Beisel, Luthersdottir, Zalewski, Hinds; 5. Arkansas (3:35.29) – Mayfield, Daniels, White, Monroe; 6. Alabama (3:35.62) – Kinsey, Burchell, Vourna, Saunders; 7. Auburn (3:35.67) – Bos, Lloyd, Peacock, Purcell; 8. LSU (3:35.68) – Oquist, Bussey, Carter, Troskot; 9. Missouri (3:36.75); 10. Kentucky (3:36.85) – Galyer, Crew, Bechtel, Myers; 11. Vanderbilt (3:40.64) – Oberg, Faulkner, Moran, Martin; 13. South Carolina (3:44.98) – Mitchell, Rutqvist, Raczkowski, Brown).

    Men’s 400 Medley Relay (A final)
    1. Auburn (3:05.38) – Darmody, Duderstadt, Mendes, Chierighini; 2. Georgia (3:05.55) – Dale, Fink, Reynolds, Trice); 3. Florida (3:05.65) – Blyzinskyj, Solaeche-Gomez, Cieslak, deBorde; 4. Alabama (3:06.42) – Oslin, McKee, Walsh, Hornikel; 5. Tennessee (3:08.20) – Lehane, Prono, Rairden, Percy; 6. LSU (3:11.07) – Rysemus, Rooker, Greeff, Linge; 7. Missouri (3:11.13) – Tierney, Kozlovskij, Sansoucie, Mosley; 8. South Carolina (3:11.58) – Warner, Leithold, Flach, El Kamash; 9. Kentucky (3:11.73) – Gerotto, Greenhalgh, Bruck, Lott; 10. Texas A&M (3:12.99) – Theocharidis, Burley, Lindau, Bolleter.


    Camille Adams
    Texas A&M
    Women's 200y Butterfly Champion

    “I really wanted to break a few [records], too, but I'm really happy with how the race went. To be SEC champion is special to me.”

    “This senior class has been such a blessing to me and so extremely I don’t think I could have accomplished what I have without them. To do that with Caroline was so special and something I’ll remember forever.”

    Sebastien Rousseau University of Florida
    Men's 200y Butterfly Champion

    “For me I wanted to see if I could get 1:50 but I knew I had to bring it home. I have some more work to do and I feel I can do better. I wasn't as excited about the record but more excited about the points the Florida Gators are scoring and building our lead and hoping that we can add to that going forward.”

    Paige Miller Texas A&M
    Women's 100y Backstroke Champion

    “All day I've been thinking the only way to get a better time than (Olivia) Smoliga was to kick off that wall so to do it and for it to work was amazing. That first day and today have been our strongest days and we've won two of three events so far today and last year we won all three so we're going to try to do it again.”

    Breeja Larson Texas A&M
    Women's 100y Breaststroke Champion

    “We all set our goals this year and we’ve all been able to accomplish them. Every year, we want to get faster. My main goal is to always beat my best time. It’s been a lot of fun. Steve (Bultman) is a huge key in all of this. He tells us to have fun. He’s an incredible, loving coach. He tells us to take in the experience and that makes it that much better.”

    Nic Fink
    University of Georgia
    Men's 100y Breaststroke Champion

    “I knew we were in for a good one tonight because we’ve been putting a lot of hard training in, the entire team. I have to thank my teammates and coach for pushing me  everyday. I’m so happy. It’s great to kind of gather momentum and get ready for those big meets. Still got the 200 breaststroke tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have a good one there ”

    Ford McLiney Texas A&M
    Men's Platform Diving Champion

    “I was just hoping for a medal. That’s all that was going through my mind. One last dive. Do it, and make it your best.”

    Stefanie Williams- Assistant Coach University of Georgia
    Current 1st Place Women's Team

    “We did really, really well today. We had a bunch of school records, Olivia [Smoliga] in the 100 back, Taylor [Dale] in the 100 back, Nic [Fink] in the 100 breast breaking an SEC record . Our men's 400 medley relay was just outstanding so couldn’t have asked for a better night. We feel pretty good, pretty confident [going into the final day of competition]. The kids have done a nice job in the morning to put themselves in position to score points. Tomorrow morning will be a pretty tough morning because of all the days of competition but we've got to make sure we get in a good warm up and see how we do.”

    Gregg Troy
    University of Florida- Coach Current 1st Place Men's Team\

    “You never know what’s going to happen, but it is good to be ahead 80 points. We don’t think in those terms (if it is enough). We’ve got to come back tomorrow and have a good day. We’ve got some good events for us. They have a few more swims then us, so we’ll need to get in and take care of business in the morning. Whatever happens, happens.”