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    • 39 SEC Teams Earn NCAA Public Recognition

      Thirty-nine Southeastern Conference teams have garnered NCAA Public Recognition Awards for earning an NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate in the top-10 percent of all squads nationally in their respective sports in 2011-12.
    • Hussey Promoted to Associate Commissioner

      Charlie Hussey has been promoted to the position of Associate Commissioner for SEC Network Relations, the Southeastern Conference announced today.
    • SEC Game Managers Meet In Baton Rouge

      The game managers from each Southeastern Conference school gathered last week in Baton Rouge, La., for their annual meeting with SEC officials.
    • SEC Names Daniels Associate Commissioner

      Tiffany Daniels, currently the Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs at Georgia State University, has been named Associate Commissioner with the Southeastern Conference, Commissioner Mike Slive announced Friday.
    • SEC Names Will Lawler Assistant Commissioner

      Will Lawler, Director of Compliance at the University of Tennessee, has been named Assistant Commissioner for Compliance with the Southeastern Conference, Commissioner Mike Slive announced Thursday.

    How Do We Capitalize?

    Once a week, SEC Digital Media Director Eric SanInocencio will share insights on the inner-workings of the conference office.

    Birmingham, Ala. -- From my previous blog entries here on the SEC "Insider" page, you now have a pretty good time line of what we have been going through here at the office during this transition and full blown makeover of www.secsports.com.

    We are about a month into the redesign, and the daily schedule has actually begun to take shape in terms of where everything goes and how we get it there. The video grids are built, the daily content is flowing, and we are finally at a place where the operation is stable. Just saying that is a huge positive, because trust me when I say that there were moments during that span that we weren't sure we'd ever get to this point.

    What makes this journey special is that we are attempting to go, in essence, where no other college website or conference has ever gone before. The full-fledged transformation from an informational website to a digital network has no blueprint at this level, so what we learn and have to adjust for happens in real time right in front of your eyes. Figuring what readers want and the best ways to disseminate that information is an experiment that has instant results.

    Each Facebook post gets quick comments, each story that goes up counts the number of "shares" and "tweets" our readers make. That is all possible now. While we are far from perfect in this final product, I think we all can agree that the depth of SEC information available from both a news and video standpoint is significantly better today than at any point in our history.

    To use a football metaphor, you can say we have driven to midfield. We have picked up a few first downs, moved the chains a couple of times, but still have half the field to go before we punch it in the endzone.

    Why half? Because what the numbers and data tell us is that while you, the SEC fan, are happy with what we are doing, you still don't know everything that is on the menu for you to choose from. I can easily understand that. Looking back at past versions of SECSports.com and comparing it to the new 2.0 model can be overwhelming. There are more buttons to click, more sections to search through and without the proper introduction you may be missing what can make this website a daily destination to every fan of the conference.

    Did you know Tony Barnhart writes a weekly column for us? Perhaps you might have seen that, but did you also know that he does a video preview of the Saturday schedule as well? Maybe you did, but if you didn't, we need to explain that better.

    That brings me to the title of the blog. That's the question many of us find ourselves asking now a days here at the SEC office. How do we capitalize? How do we educate our fans? What steps can we take to break the mold of you thinking that this is just a place to come and find out who are the SEC Players of the Week?

    These are hard questions, but fun ones to contemplate as we go forward. We don't know the correct answer, and that's the beauty of it. The landscape of the sports media world changes every day, and we have to keep on top with what can best help us and you.

    We aren't Apple, Best Buy or other companies looking to sell you a product. The product is the SEC, and as fans you have already bought in. The goal then becomes bringing you deeper inside the SEC, giving you a perspective you have never gotten before. I think we are on the right path.

    We now have segments that explore the conference's best traditions (SEC Traditions), how the league's players are doing at the next level (SEC In The Pros) and what makes each gameday and campus experience around the SEC special (SEC Power Weekends).

    There is more to come, some of it that may hit home, some you may click over. The point remains going forward, that this is and will always be about you. Bringing you the sports you love, and connecting you to the special moments that make this league the best in the country.

    That journey has begun and we hope you continue to walk that path with us.