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    2010 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll


    Birmingham, Ala. -- A total of 526 student-athletes were named to the 2010 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll, Wednesday by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

    The University of South Carolina topped the list with 79 student-athletes on the fall academic roster. The University of Kentucky is next with 47 fall student-athletes honored while the University of Florida and Vanderbilt University each had 46.

    The 2010 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll is based on grades from the 2010 Spring, Summer and Fall terms.

    Any student-athlete who participates in a Southeastern Conference championship sport or a student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on his/her institution’s NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll. The following criteria should be followed: (1) A student-athlete must have a grade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominating institution. (2) If a student-athlete attends summer school, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll. (3) Student-athletes eligible for the Honor Roll include those receiving an athletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e., letter winner), and non-scholarship student-athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons. (4) Prior to being nominated, a student-athlete must have successfully completed 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of non-remedial academic credit toward a baccalaureate degree at the nominating institution. (5) The student-athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport’s entire NCAA Championship segment.

    The complete 2010 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll follows.

    University of Alabama   
    Jonathan Atchison    Football    Pre-Business
    John Baites    Football    General Business
    David Blalock    Football    Accounting
    Chris Bonds    Football    Kinesiology
    Hardie Buck    Football    Marketing
    Drew Ballard    Football    Mechanical Engineering
    Nate Carlson    Football    Public Relations
    D.J. Fluker    Football    Health Studies
    Brandon Gibson    Football    Public Relations
    Ben Howell    Football    Telecommunication & Film
    Aaron Joiner    Football    Pre-Medical
    Barrett Jones    Football    Accounting
    Samuel Kearns    Football    General Studies
    Kendall Kelly    Football    Undecided
    Nathan McAlister    Football    Pre-Business
    AJ McCarron    Football    Undecided
    Greg McElroy    Football    Sports Management
    William Ming    Football    Finance
    Wesley Neighbors    Football    Finance
    Kevin Norwood    Football    Undecided
    Morgan Ogilvie    Football    Finance
    Tana Patrick    Football    Restaurant & Hotel Mgt
    Trent Richardson    Football    Undecided
    Brad Smelley    Football    Marketing
    Logan Thomas    Football    Communication Studies
    Chance Womack    Football    Public Relations
    Kellen Williams    Football    Education
    Justine Bernier    W. Soccer    General Studies
    Victoria Frederick    W. Soccer    Biology
    Hailey Hull    W. Soccer    Food and Nutrition
    Kelly King    W. Soccer    Public Relations
    Shannon Lathrop    W. Soccer    Food and Nutrition
    Carly Mygrants    W. Soccer    Public Relations
    Laura Nicholls    W. Soccer    Restaurant and Hospitality Management
    Rosaly Petriello    W. Soccer    Early Childhood Education
    Brooke Rogers    W. Soccer    Finance
    Lindsey Sillers    W. Soccer    Food and Nutrition
    Katie Woolbright    W. Soccer    Marketing
    Mary Catherine Aune    Volleyball    Advertising
    Kayla Fitterer    Volleyball    Lower Div. Accounting
    Calli Johnson    Volleyball    Sport Management
    Alyssa Meuth    Volleyball    Human Development & & Family Studies
    Leigh Moyer    Volleyball    Art
    Stephanie Riley    Volleyball    Biology
    Kayla Schmidt    Volleyball    Exercise Science

    University of Arkansas    
    Seth Armbrust    Football    Sports Management
    Clay Bemberg    Football    Sports Management
    Jake Bequette    Football    Sports Management
    Dylan Breeding    Football    Marketing
    Nick Brewer    Football    Marketing
    Dustin Cain    Football    Marketing
    Alfred Davis    Football    Sports Management
    Grant Freeman    Football    AgriBusiness
    Bret Harris    Football    Kinesiology
    Price Holmes    Football    Kinesiology
    David Hurd    Football    Biology
    Austin Tate    Football    AgriBusiness
    Austin Tucker    Football    Kinesiology
    Tyler Wilson    Football    Sports Management
    Kelsey Allison    W. Soccer    Human Environmental Science
    Kailey Anders    W. Soccer    Communication Disorders
    Sam Bolton    W. Soccer    Nursing
    Allie Chandler    W. Soccer    Communication Disorders
    Camille Flores    W. Soccer    Journalism
    Lauren Hallauer    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Anna Heintz    W. Soccer    Engineering
    Brittany Hudson    W. Soccer    Biology
    Beth McVean    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Erin Moskos    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Kelly O’Connor    W. Soccer    International Relations
    Daniella O’ Shea    W. Soccer    Communication
    Laurel Pastor    W. Soccer    Nutrition
    Chelsea Tidwell    W. Soccer    Nutrition
    Britni Williams    W. Soccer    Criminal Justice
    Kendal Winston    W. Soccer    Communication
    Amanda Anderson    Volleyball    Kinesiology
    Cassie Clark    Volleyball    Kinesiology
    Mackenzie Rhea    Volleyball    Biology
    Kelli Stipanovich    Volleyball    Communication Disorders

    Auburn University   
    Dashaun Barnes    Football    Sociology
    Joel Bonomolo    Football    Philosophy-Religion
    Blake Burgess    Football    Theatre
    Neil Caudle    Football    Building Science
    Wade Christopher    Football    Biomedical Sciences
    Zach Clayton    Football    Agricultural Business and Economics
    Josh Harris    Football    Political Science
    Philip Lutzenkirchen    Football    Radio, TV and Film (Mass Communication)
    Woody Parramore    Football    Mechanical Engineering
    Ryan Pugh    Football    Building Science
    Spencer Pybus    Football    Pre-Social Science General Education
    Chaz Ramsey    Football    Entrepreneurship & Family Business
    Ashton Richardson    Football    Animal Science-Production Management
    Craig Stevens    Football    Exercise Science
    Barrett Trotter    Football    Communication
    Derek Winter    Football    Accountancy
    Monica Afanador    W. Soccer    Public Relations
    Maddie Barnes    W. Soccer    Chemistry
    Ana Cate    W. Soccer    Pre-Exercise Science
    Mary Coffed    W. Soccer    Pre-Business
    Katy Frierson    W. Soccer    Political Science
    Heather Havron    W. Soccer    Marketing
    Amy Howard    W. Soccer    Pre-Elementary Education
    Rebecca Howell    W. Soccer    Marketing
    Caitlin King    W. Soccer    Early Child Special Education
    Julie King    W. Soccer    History
    Mary Nicholson    W. Soccer    Nursing Science
    Addison Ragsdale    W. Soccer    Graphic Design
    Jessica Rightmer    W. Soccer    Undeclared-Liberal Arts
     Gabrielle Rivera    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Caitlin Torie    W. Soccer    Undeclared Sciences & Math
    Samantha Towne    W. Soccer    Human Development & Family Studies
    Lydia Townsend    W. Soccer    Radio, TV and Film (Mass Communication)
    Jessica Wolfe    W. Soccer    Pre-Building Science
    Elizabeth Crouch    Volleyball    Exercise Science
    Katherine Culwell    Volleyball    Finance
    Kelly Fidero    Volleyball    Health Promotion
    MacKenzy Harper    Volleyball    Accountancy
    Lauren Mellor    Volleyball    Apparel Mchd-Prod Des and Mngt
    Brittney Rhude    Volleyball    Management
    Christina Solverson    Volleyball    Polymer & Fiber Engineering
    Jonelle Wallace    Volleyball    Marketing

    University of Florida   
    Gary Beemer    Football    Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
    Zack Brust    Football    Building Construction
    Trey Burton    Football    Social and Behavioral Sciences
    John Fairbanks    Football    Social Studies Education
    Christopher Guido    Football    Health Science
    Frankie Hammond Jr.    Football    Telecommunications - News
    Cody Hampton    Football    Nutrition
    Chas Henry    Football    Sports Management
    Jelani Jenkins    Football    Sociology
    Duke Lemmens    Football    Event Management
    David Lerner    Football    Sport Management
    T.J. Pridemore    Football    Political Science
    Sam Robey    Football    Criminology
    Michael Ross    Football    Political Science
    Brandon Sanders    Football    Health Education & Behavior
    Shawn Schmieder    Football    Biology
    William Steinmann    Football    Political Science
    Caleb Sturgis    Football    Sports Management
    Justin Trattou    Football    Sport Management
    Tahnai Annis    W. Soccer    Sport Management
    Jazmyne Avant    W. Soccer    Psychology
    McKenzie Barney    W. Soccer    Telecommunications - Production
    Brooke Chancey    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Sarah Chapman    W. Soccer    Criminology
    Jo Dragotta    W. Soccer    Sport Management
    Ashlee Elliott    W. Soccer    Sociology
    Marsha Harper    W. Soccer    Family, Youth & Community Sciences
    Katie Kadera    W. Soccer    Sociology
    Holly King    W. Soccer    Education
    Annick McBryar    W. Soccer    Philosophy
    Ericka Miller    W. Soccer    Applied Physiology & Kinesiology/Fitness & Wellness
    Alicia Nalley    W. Soccer    Biology
    Brooke Thigpen    W. Soccer    Biology
    Lindsay Thompson    W. Soccer    Health Science
    Natalia Torosian    W. Soccer    Sport Management
    Erika Tymrak    W. Soccer    Criminology
    Lindsay Williams    W. Soccer    Applied Physiology & Kinesiology/Fitness & Wellness
    Kathryn Williamson    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Cassandra Anderson    Volleyball    Recreation & Event Management
    Elissa Hausmann    Volleyball    Health Science -Pre-Physical Therapy
    Kristy Jaeckel    Volleyball    Sport Management
    Chloe Mann    Volleyball    Advertising
    Kelly Murphy    Volleyball    Elementary Education
    Callie Rivers    Volleyball    Telecommunications - Production
    Betsy Smith    Volleyball    Business & Political Science
    Sundai Weston    Volleyball    Public Relations

    University of Georgia  
    Cameron Allen    Football    Biological Engineering
     John Bodin    Football    Anthropology
    Taylor Bradberry    Football    Exercise & Sport Science
    Brian Brewer    Football    Exercise & Sport Science
    Christopher Burnette    Football    Finance
    Drew Butler    Football    Telecommunication Arts
    Shaun Chapas    Football    Marketing
    Orson Charles    Football    Agricultural Engineering
    Matthew DeGenova    Football    Finance
    Kris Durham     Football    Middle School Education
    Reuben Faloughi    Football    Psychology
    Ty Frix    Football    Biological Engineering
    Ben Jones    Football    Health & Physical Education
    Jeremy Longo    Football    Housing
    Arthur Lynch     Football    Health & Physical Education
    Aaron Murray    Football    Psychology
    Josh Murray    Football    Management
    Ben Reynolds    Football    Biology
    Derek Rich    Football    Finance
    Blake Sailors    Football    Consumer Economics
    Joshua Sailors    Football    Biology
    Wesley Van Dyk    Football    Management
    Jason Veal    Football    Finance
    Aron White    Football    Management
    Charles White    Football    Management
    Ashley Baker    W. Soccer    Recreation & Leisure Studies
    Jamie Bouck    W. Soccer    Child & Family Development
    Jenna Buckley    W. Soccer    Finance
    Kelli Corless    W. Soccer    Exercise & Sport Science
    Susannah Dennis    W. Soccer    Recreation & Leisure Studies
    Traci Dreesen    W. Soccer    Biology
    Laura Eddy    W. Soccer    Economics
    Marah Falle    W. Soccer    Exercise & Sport Science
    Alexandra Hooker    W. Soccer    Finance
    Christina Kyker    W. Soccer    Child and Family Development
    Ashley Miller    W. Soccer    Child and Family Development
    Jamie Pollock    W. Soccer    Exercise & Sport Science
    Caroline Simpson    W. Soccer    Finance
    Nicole Choi    Volleyball    Health Promotion
    Ann Dylla    Volleyball    Management
    Kathleen Gates    Volleyball    Exercise & Sport Science
    Simone May    Volleyball    Child & Family Development
    Carla Tietz    Volleyball    Child & Family Development

    University of Kentucky   
    Brian Adams    Football    Undergraduate Studies
    Ed Berry    Football    Business Management
    Marcus Davis    Football    Journalism
    Steven Duff    Football    Business Management
    Brad Durham    Football    Agricultural Economics
    Alex Dutton    Football    Business Management
    Nathan Dutton    Football    Business Management
    Antwane Glenn    Football    Agricultural Economics
    Stuart Hines    Football    Finance
    Jake Lanefski    Football    Agricultural Economics
    Derrick Locke    Football    Family Science
    Luke McDermott    Football    Integrated Strategic Communications
    Craig McIntosh    Football    Kinesiology/Exercise Science
    Greg Meisner    Football    Kinesiology/Exercise Science
    Ryan Mossakowski    Football    Math Education
    Billy Joe Murphy    Football    Kinesiology
    Morgan Newton    Football    Business Management
    Tyler Sargent    Football    Business Management
    Pat Simmons    Football    Chemistry
    Matt Smith    Football    Middle School Education
    Taiedo Smith    Football    Psychology
    Ronnie Sneed    Football    Community Communications and Leadership Development
    Josh Albers    M. Soccer    Finance
    Kevin Corby    M. Soccer    Management
    Shaun Deliberato    M. Soccer    Finance
    Jacob Kemper    M. Soccer    Undergraduate Studies
    Drew Midkiff    M. Soccer    Community Communications and Leadership Development
    Steven Perinovic    M. Soccer    Undergraduate Studies
    Ellis Vienne    M. Soccer    Marketing
    Cameron Wilder    M. Soccer    Marketing
    Kelly Browning    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Jenna Goblirsch    W. Soccer    Kinesiology/Exercise Science
    Sydney Hiance    W. Soccer    Elementary Education
    Natalie Horner    W. Soccer    Communication Disorders
    Kelsey Hunyadi    W. Soccer    Political Science
    Brooke Keyes    W. Soccer    Business Management
    Christine Lutz    W. Soccer    Business Management
    Kiondra McGee    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Laura Novikoff    W. Soccer    Kinesiology/Exercise Science
    Taylor Ray    W. Soccer    Biology
    Emily Rogers    W. Soccer    Kinesiology/Exercise Science
    Alyssa Telang    W. Soccer    Biology
    Ann Armes    Volleyball    Kinesiology/Exercise Science
    Gretchen Giesler    Volleyball    Mechanical Engineering
    Christine Hartmann    Volleyball    Marketing
    Alexandra Morgan    Volleyball    Animal Sciences
    Becky Pavan    Volleyball    Mathematics

    Louisiana State University   
    Alexander Bonnette    Football    Mechanical Engineering
    William Debusk    Football    Biological Sciences
    David Detz    Football    Biological Sciences
    Benjamin Domingue    Football    Undeclared
    Richard Dugas    Football    Management
    Josh Dworaczyk    Football    General Studies
    Zachary  Elkins    Football    Construction Mgt.
    Seth Fruge    Football    Nutrition
    Daniel Graff    Football    General Studies
    Dennis Howard    Football    Management
    Austin Kinchen    Football    Biological Sciences
    T. C. McCartney    Football    Sport Administration
    Jordan Newell    Football    Biological Sciences
    Jonathan Nixon    Football    Sport Administration
    Alexander Russian    Football    Sport Administration
    Courtney Alexander    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Carlie Banks    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Allysha Chapman    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences
    Natalie Ieyoub    W. Soccer    International Studies
    Morlan “Mo” Isom    W. Soccer    Mass Communication
    Hannah Jobe    W. Soccer    Sport Administration
    Kellie Murphy    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Amy Porter    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Alexandra Ramsey    W. Soccer    Mass Communication
    Victoria Jacobsen    Volleyball    Kinesiology
    Brittney Johnson    Volleyball    Accounting
    Madeline Jones    Volleyball    Industrial Engineering
    Tania Schatow    Volleyball    Kinesiology
    Lauren Waclawczyk    Volleyball    Management

    University of Mississippi   
    Justin Bigham    Football    Exercise Science
    Tyler Campbell    Football    Management Information Systems
    Christopher Conley    Football    Business Undecided
    Richie Contartesi    Football    Criminal Justice
    Jacob Hickman    Football    Liberal Arts Undecided
    Reggie Hicks    Football    Civil Engineering
    Joel Kight    Football    Journalism
    Josh Lancaster    Football    Biological Science
    Jack Nuismer    Football    Economics
    Chad Phillips    Football    Dietetics and Nutrition
    Wesley Phillips    Football    Civil Engineering
    Andrew Ritter    Football    Business Undecided
    D.T. Shackelford    Football    Social Studies Education
    Evan Swindall    Football    Business Undecided
    Devin Thomas    Football    Geology
    Kelsey Breathitt    W. Soccer    Banking and Finance
    Lily Crabtree    W. Soccer    Journalism
    Abbie Curran    W. Soccer    Math Education
    Alix Hildal    W. Soccer    Liberal Arts Undecided
    Dylan Jordan    W. Soccer    Exercise Science
    Lacy Key    W. Soccer    Criminal Justice
    Courtney Messina    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Kendyl Mygatt    W. Soccer    Hospitality Management
    Alley Ronaldi    W. Soccer    Biological Science
    Meredith Snow    W. Soccer    Communication Sciences/Disorders
    Jenna Strother    W. Soccer    Physics
    Ashley Anderson    Volleyball    Liberal Arts Undecided
    Courtney Cunningham    Volleyball    Civil Engineering
    Emily Kvitle    Volleyball    Exercise Science
    Morgan Springer    Volleyball    Psychology
    Regina Thomas    Volleyball    Psychology
    Ashley Veach    Volleyball    Forensic Chemistry

    Mississippi State University   
    Sean Brauchle    Football    Accounting
    J.C. Brignone    Football    Kinesiology
    Corey Broomfield    Football    Kinesiology
    Chad Bumphis    Football    Kinesiology
    Kendric Cook    Football    Kinesiology
    Derek DePasquale    Football    Mechanical Engineering
    Aaron Feld    Football    Kinesiology
    Phillip Freeman    Football    Kinesiology
    Emmanuel Gatling    Football    Chemical Engineering
    Heath Hutchins    Football    Psychology
    Sam Latham    Football    Biomedical Engineering
    Addison Lawrence    Football    Business Administration
    Cameron Lawrence    Football    Business Administration
    John McMillan    Football    Kinesiology
    Mark Melichar    Football    Kinesiology
    Derek Sherrod    Football    Kinesiology
    Baker Swedenburg    Football    Business Information Systems
    Louis Watson    Football    Kinesiology
    Sam Watts    Football    Kinesiology
    Sam Williams    Football    Kinesiology
    Monica Alvarado    W. Soccer    Business Administration
    Leanna Baldner    W. Soccer    Kinesiology
    Hadley Gable    W. Soccer    Political Science
    Kathryn Goodman    W. Soccer    Business Administration
    Tarah Henderson    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences
    Katy Hoover    W. Soccer    Chemical Engineering
    Danielle Kite    W. Soccer    Business Information Systems
    Madison McKee    W. Soccer    Industrial Engineering
    Lauren Morgan    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Allison Ouren    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Tracey Pettit    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Serena Prendergast    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences
    Mary Scurria    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Zehra Syed    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences
    Taylor Turnipseed    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences
    Julie Waddle    W. Soccer    Chemistry
    Kathleen Walsh    W. Soccer    Electrical Engineering
    Chanelle Baker    Volleyball    Biological Sciences
    Kellye Jordan    Volleyball    Kinesiology
    Mandy Mellencamp    Volleyball    Business Administration
    Ashley Newsome    Volleyball    Psychology
    Hillary Parker    Volleyball    Human Sciences
    Caitlin Rance    Volleyball    Elementary Education
    Faith Steinwedell     Volleyball    Kinesiology
    Kayla Woodard    Volleyball    Elementary Education

    University of South Carolina  
    Jacob Baker    Football    Management
    Jason Barnes    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Blake Baxley    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Payton Brady    Football    Hospitality Management
    Ryan Broadhead     Football    Business Economics
    William Byrne    Football    Mechanical Engineering
    Garrett Chisolm     Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Andrew Clifford    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Chris Culliver    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Brandon Davis    Football    Religious Studies
    Eric Davis    Football    Hospitality Management
    Patrick DiMarco    Football    Management
    Stephon Gilmore    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Matthew Grooms    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    C.J. Heinz    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Walker Inabinet    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Damario Jeffery    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    TJ Johnson    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Spencer Lanning    Football    Exercise Science
    Rodney Paulk    Football    Marine Science
    Nick Prochak    Football    Management
    Travian Robertson    Football    Criminal Justice
    Bryce Sherman    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Cedrick Snead    Football    Management
    Seth Strickland    Football    Political Science
    Kevin White     Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Addison Williams    Football    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Dalton Wilson    Football    Finance
    Alonzo Winfield    Football    Sociology
    Jay Wooten    Football    Sociology
    Adam Yates    Football    Hospitality Management
    Sam Arthur    M. Soccer    Finance
    Andre Bahri    M. Soccer    International Business
    Vance Benson    M. Soccer    Marketing
    Luke Berson    M. Soccer    Finance
    Blake Brettschneider    M. Soccer    Public Relations
    Danny Cates    M. Soccer    Physical Education
    Ryan Goodwin    M. Soccer    Business
    Hunter Howayeck    M. Soccer    International Business
    Michael Lindsay    M. Soccer    Management
    Alex Long    M. Soccer    Business
    Daniel Lynch    M. Soccer    Psychology
    Eric Martinez    M. Soccer    Business
    Jimmy Maurer    M. Soccer    Finance & Marketing
    Stephen Morrissey    M. Soccer    Accounting
    Evan O’Dell    M. Soccer    Accounting
    Ross Power    M. Soccer    Insurance & Risk Mgmt
    Schuyler Reardon    M. Soccer    Management
    Kevin Stam    M. Soccer    Social Work
    Will Traynor    M. Soccer    Sport Management
    Natalie Aaron    W. Soccer    Accounting
    Maggie Blackwell    W. Soccer    English
    Ellen Fahey    W. Soccer    Public Relations
    Alexis Glemser    W. Soccer    Public Relations
    Danielle Henry    W. Soccer    Exercise Science
    Alex Holland    W. Soccer    Middle Level Education
    Lauren Holland    W. Soccer    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Brooke Jacobs    W. Soccer    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Maddy Kill    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences
    Blakely Mattern    W. Soccer    International Business
    Kim Miller    W. Soccer    Physical Education
    Roya Mojarab    W. Soccer    International Business
    Mollie Patton    W. Soccer    Pharmacy
    Maria Petroni    W. Soccer    Exercise Science
    Lindsay Small    W. Soccer    Nursing
    Jocelyn Spurrier    W. Soccer    Management
    Darien Vercillo    W. Soccer    Psychology
    Christine Watts    W. Soccer    Sport & Entertainment Management
    Rae Wilson    W. Soccer    Business
    Jordan Bradosky    Volleyball    Exercise Science
    Taylor Bruns    Volleyball    Mathematics
    Brandi Byers    Volleyball    Mathematics
    Christina Glover    Volleyball    Elementary Education
    Megan Laughlin    Volleyball    Management
    Hannah Lawing    Volleyball    Psychology
    Meredith Moorhead    Volleyball    Management
    Olivia Ryder    Volleyball    Exercise Science
    Teresa Stenlund    Volleyball    Hotel Tourism Restaurant Management
    Annie Thomas    Volleyball    Visual Communications

    University of Tennessee   
    Chris Cates     Football     Finance
    Chad Cunningham    Football     Sport Studies
    Sam Edgmon    Football     Sport Management
    Channing Fugate                    Football     Kinesiology
    Nick Guess                Football     Logistics and Transportation
    Daniel Hood    Football     Management
    Austin Johnson    Football     Communication Studies
    Herman Lathers    Football     Sport Management
    Ben Lehning     Football     Sport Management
    Daniel Lincoln     Football     Public Administration
    T.J. Marrs    Football     Logistics and Transportation
    Nigel Mitchell-Thrornton     Football     Management
    Tauren Poole    Football     Sport Management
    Nick Reveiz    Football     Sport Studies
    Zach Rogers     Football     Management
    Jarrod Shaw     Football     Agriculture and Natural Resources Leadership
    Mandela Shaw    Football     Accounting
    Jacob Storey     Football     Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
    Tyler Wills     Football     Environmental and Soil Sciences
    Tyler Wolf    Football     Sport Studies
    Molly Baird    W. Soccer    Finance and Logistics
    Grace Cuenin     W. Soccer    Special Education
    Anna Fisher    W. Soccer    Sociology
    Chelsea Hatcher     W. Soccer    Political Science
    Lara Langworthy   W. Soccer    Communications
    Alexis Owens     W. Soccer    Undecided
    Emily Shore    W. Soccer    Political Science
    Melissa Speros     W. Soccer    Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
    RB Wyatt     W. Soccer    Animal Science
    Jasmine Brown    Volleyball     Social work
    Leslie Cikra     Volleyball     Sport Management
    Nikki Fowler    Volleyball     Marketing
    Amanda Friday     Volleyball     Psychology
    DeeDee Harrison    Volleyball     Sport Management
    Kayla Jeter    Volleyball     Sociology
    Kelsey Mahoney     Volleyball     Nutrition
    Emily Steinbeck     Volleyball     Kinesiology
    Leah Hinkey     Volleyball    Psychology

    Vanderbilt University   
    Christopher Aaron    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Joseph Bailey    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Brandon Barden    Football    Special Education
    Charles Byrge    Football    Economics
    Matt Casas    Football    Economics
    John Cole    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Reginald Ford    Football    Undeclared
    Ryan Fowler    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Eric Frieman    Football    Economics/Psychology
    Tim Fugger    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Jared Funk    Football    Organizational Leadership
    David Giller    Football    Economics
    Thomas Greenstone    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Joshua Jelesky    Football    Economics
    DeAndre Jones    Football    Mechanical Engineering
    Richard Kent    Football    Spanish
    Rob Lohr    Football    Economics
    Reece Lovell    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Austin Monahan    Football    Economics
    Colt Nichter    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Al Owens    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Conrad Quiros    Football    Undeclared
    Kennard Reeves    Football    Communication Studies
    Jordan Rodgers    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Adam Smotherman    Football    Secondary Education/ History
    John Stokes    Football    Medicine, Health and Society
    Udom Umoh    Football    English
    Duane Vaughn    Football    Secondary Education/History
    Caleb Welchans    Football    Human and Organizational Development
    Walt Wepfer    Football    Undeclared
    Nicole Adams    W. Soccer    Civil Engineering
    Rachel Bachtel    W. Soccer    Human and Organizational Development/Art Studio
    Kristine Chaklos    W. Soccer    Human and Organizational Development
    Katie Dean    W. Soccer    Medicine, Health, and Society/Child Development
    Megan Eddings    W. Soccer    Human and Organizational Development
    Amanda Essay    W. Soccer    Undeclared
    Kate Goldin    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences/Spanish
    Molly Kinsella    W. Soccer    Biological Sciences – Molecular & Cellular
    Megan Kinsella    W. Soccer    Medicine, Health, and Society/Child Development
    Elizabeth M. Lillie    W. Soccer    Biomedical Engineering/Mathematics
    Bridget Lohmuller    W. Soccer    Special Education
    Mary Rachel Reynolds    W. Soccer    Medicine, Health and Society
    CJ Rhoades    W. Soccer    Interdisciplinary
    Dana Schwartz    W. Soccer    Undeclared
    Cat Wearn    W. Soccer    Economics/Spanish
    Candace West    W. Soccer    Human and Organizational Development